Catholic pilgrimages around the world reveal that there are certain religious places where visitors truly feel a connection to the sacred. Lourdes and Fatima are two such places and draw pilgrims by the thousands each year. It was in February of 1858 that a devout peasant girl, only fifteen years old, met the Blessed Virgin. Bernadette had seven personal encounters over a 6 day period at Lourdes and the impact of these visits continues to change lives. In May 13, 1917, Mary appeared to 3 farm children in the small hamlet of Fatima. She continued to visit with them until Oct 13, 1917 and many signs and wonders were recorded in connection with these holy encounters. We will join other global pilgrims as we visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Fatima and walk the Stations of the Cross. It is appropriate that we precede our time at these revered Marian shrines by visiting Paris, where, in 2019, the world watched in stunned sadness as Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire. Once the smoldering embers where final extinguished, a small band of parishioners carried a statue of Our Lady through the streets of Paris, reminding us that this is a city of both light and hope. As we journey from France to Portugal, immersed initially in the majesty of the Pyrenees, we experience the treasures of Burgos and Salamanca, two of Spain’s most historic and picturesque locations, as walk in the footsteps of pilgrims who have traveled before us on the Camino do Santiago.