U.S. Based Service-Learning Trips for Student Groups

Our domestic service-learning trips allow students to begin to understand and tackle the social issues facing some of this country’s most prominent cities. From housing and homelessness in our nation's Capital to exploring and combatting the effects of climate change in New Orleans, students will gain valuable insights on how they can make a difference in their own country through our purposeful service-learning programs around the United States. During every program, there is a daily emphasis placed on intentional guided reflection and group discussion for our student groups. After the travel experience, participating students can then use our “Global Steward: Analysis and Action Plan” to take what they’ve learned and proactively adapt it to benefit communities as they pivot from real-world issues to real-world solutions.

WorldStrides Domestic Service Learning Catalog
WorldStrides Domestic Service Learning Catalog
Download our Domestic Service Learning Catalog to learn more about programs offered in 11 U.S.-based cities, each showcasing real-world solutions to real-world problems.



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