Service-Learning Trips for High School Groups

Our service-learning trips to Africa, Asia, and Latin America, help students make a real impact on global communities. Among a multitude of other projects, students can plant gardens, teach English, and build schools with over 150 non-profit organizations around the world. Through highly immersive project-based community engagement, they learn how local experts tackle pressing social and economic issues with available resources. Prior to every international service-learning trip, we consult with each student group in advance on the areas that would most be of interest for their community service component: community enrichment and infrastructure, education and literacy, environment and conservation, and nutrition and health. Also, in each service-learning trip abroad, there is a daily emphasis placed on intentional guided reflection and group discussion. After the travel experience, all students that participate on our service-learning trips to Africa, Asia, or Latin America have the opportunity to take an online course in “Sustainability through Service-Learning” to complete a full circle experience and stand out on those college applications!



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Service-Learning Partnerships

Our comprehensive partnerships mean richer choices and a more compelling service experience. At WorldStrides we’re proud of our roster of established partnerships with over 150 non-profit, governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide—all of whom have identified needs and projects that can benefit from your group’s contributions.