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WorldStrides Testimonials

They always come through for our students and faculty, whether we have a full year to plan or just a few months. A big thank you to their staff for the individual attention and care they give us throughout all phases of each program.

Study Abroad
Shari – Associate Director, Study Abroad
CSU Fullerton

I wanted to thank you so much for such an incredible trip. Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh both exceeded all of my expectations – it was the trip of a lifetime and absolutely a highlight of the overall EMBA program. Thanks for taking such great care of us, keeping us organized, and coordinating the outstanding business meetings. I will forever be grateful for the experience.

China and Vietnam
Stephanie – Graduate Student
University of Calgary

You can always trust that they will make your trip BETTER than you expected – that’s their job and what they do every time!

Program Leader – Louisiana

My son would go ahead if he could… “it was awesome” is the main statement he makes when Iask about the trip.

Washington DC
Parent – Edwardsville, Illinois

I highly recommend them as a company. They cover everything I could think of and tons of things I didn’t even expect.

Florida Science Program
Program Leader – San Diego, California

You can always trust that they will make your trip BETTER than you expected.

Maryland Science Program
Parent – Hampton, Virginia

HPS is definitely on another level, not only because we played at Carnegie Hall, but because I had the opportunity to meet so many people from all over and explore one of the greatest cities with them. It was truly a blast and a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience, though I plan to audition again next year!

Honors Performance – Carnegie Hall, New York
Joyce – Honors Performance Series Finalist

This trip to Ireland was my first experience being on a plane and being outside of California. It brought me a new perspective on the world and opened up my mind to consider both culture and business on a global scale instead of just in terms of the environment I’m used to. Between navigating the streets of cities that were completely foreign to me and networking with professionals during the various company visits, I have a new sense of self confidence and feel more empowered to branch out from my comfort zone.

Brooke – Sophomore, California Polytechnic University