Florida Science Discovery

Spark imagination in your students on one of our Florida Science Programs. There’s good reason why this is a hotbed for educational discovery—and we’ve got an action-packed, science-centric program ready to explore. Visit NASA, hike the Everglades, snorkel along a barrier reef, swim with manatees, kayak through mangroves—and that’s just for starters.



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A fun and safe environment

The safety of our travelers is our top priority, so we go to great lengths to support you every step of the way!  Experienced Course Leaders are trained to handle any situation, and there's 24/7 support available from Tour Central in case you need a little extra help. View all our safety measures

Our learning difference

Our trademarked approach to learning—LEAP—actively involves students in what they're seeing and doing. This active engagement between students, the places they visit, and their Course Leaders allows students (and teachers) to absorb more and build their knowledge and social skills. Learn about LEAP

We’re a school, too.

WorldStrides is accredited by educational bodies across North America, and we have a dedicated Curriculum and Academics Department—this means we're a school without walls! Our accreditations allow us to offer students high school and college preparatory credit, and teachers free professional development. See accreditation details

Travel brings the classroom to life.

Whether reliving the past or discovering the future, true learning can't be done from a distance. It requires hands-on exploration and travel delivers it! When students get up close with the subjects they've only read about in books, learning moments are brought to life in a way in a way not possible in the classroom.

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