Your safety is our top priority


When you travel with WorldStrides or participate in one of our programs, you can rest assured knowing that we have spent five decades putting a network of support in place to safeguard your group and your experience. With more than 50 years experience, we’ve seen it all and have designed our best practices for safety to match the age and stage of life for all of our students. Our resources are deep and we’re ready to troubleshoot any situation. This painstaking work behind the scenes lets educators and students focus on what’s most important—learning and enjoying the experience at hand!

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An arsenal of emergency support

Here’s what really sets WorldStrides apart. Ask anyone who’s had an unexpected emergency while traveling with us and they’ll tell you – we have your back every day, every hour…24/7, no matter what! Hear it directly from our Program Leaders.

  • Tour Central:Our safety and security command center! This office is staffed 24/7 by WorldStrides employees who are specially trained to handle any situation—no matter how big or how small.
  • Doctors on Call: Here’s a precaution we hope you never have to use! It’s our exclusive partnership with the George Washington University Department of Emergency Medicine. Your group will have access to doctors for phone consultations should the need arise. And for groups traveling to Washington D.C., with this partnership, a doctor will even make a house call to your group. We also have mental health support for any participant, just a phone call away.
  • Adult Supervision: We’ll provide supervision that’s perfectly tuned to your groups needs. For younger travelers, that’s 24/7 support, including Night Chaperones who’ll watch the hallway at your hotel. For older students, we’ll be there to recommend a coffee shop or spring into action in an emergency – whatever you need, we’re there.

Robin_Reliford Health & Safety

Meet the Team

We believe Health and Safety is a full-time job. Not just for one person, but for a team. Ours is led by Vice President Robin Reliford, who is solely focused on the job of keeping our students safe. Backed by the resources of the entire organization, they are ready to spring into action with plans for situations large and small.

It’s all in the planning

Our 50-plus-year safety record is unmatched in the world of educational travel. We use our experience to plan for every contingency, and we have partnerships that help us make sure we’re ready for whatever the world hands out.

  • Partnerships: We work closely with organizations like WorldAware and OSAC to stay up-to-the-minute on world events, and we can work with those partners to respond in a serious situation. Dr. Sikka, Chief of Innovative Practice at the George Washington University Department of Medicine, is part of our team as Medical Director. And we have worked for many decades with the same reliable partners; our airlines, our hotel networks, and our other vendors are vetted and typically very experienced in working with our team.
  • Worldwide network: We have more than 70 offices worldwide to further enhance our safety capabilities. Our local staff and local partnerships help to get real-time information that’s key to our planning and response.
  • Insurance: When it comes to insurance, WorldStrides wrote the book. We set the standards for medical, evacuation, and liability insurance with best-in-class support that provides an extra layer of coverage for our participants, our Program Leaders, and the schools with which we partner.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Our Tour Central offices is available 24 hours a day to alert us about an emergency or to find out more information about an emergency with a current traveling program. Please call these numbers only in regard to an emergency on a program that is currently traveling.

D.C. Tour Central Headquarters


D.C. (if calling internationally)


New York City Tour Central Office


Have questions? We have answers.

    How can we reach our child in case of an emergency?

    The quickest way for you to reach your son or daughter is to call our Tour Central office at 800-933-6143. This office is staffed 24 hours a day and can facilitate communication with your child or your child's Program Leader in case of an emergency.   Through our name badges, students and teachers also have the telephone number to Tour Central in the case of an emergency.

    Our school has stringent risk regulations for travel. Can you meet them?

    We are pros are navigating the sometimes complex regulations of a specific school district or university system, and are confident we can meet even the most stringent risk regulations for travel. WorldStrides has an unmatched safety record, the largest liability insurance policy in the industry, and $1 million in consumer protection. WorldStrides is also registered with all state seller of travel offices. Our reputation for preparedness is matched by a strong history of successful management of crisis situations. Please ask for examples of responses to situations that impacted student travel, or additional questions about our risk management profile.