You can open the door to the world for your students.

Our network of educators is 50,000 strong. That’s 50,000 K12 teachers, administrators, faculty members, and coaches. They lead groups who travel, attend our events, and champion students who want to test drive new experiences on our programs.

This section is designed to help keep you up-to-date on the latest tools and trends, whether you are leading a trip or cheering on your students as they embark on new experiences. Hear stories from other educators’ travels, learn from WorldStrides’ own educators and partners, and get access to useful educational tools. Check back often to see what’s new and learn more about the many benefits of educational travel through WorldStrides.

Leading an Educational Travel Program

As a Program Leader, you’re the one who starts the dream and sees it through, whether your students climb the steps of the U.S. Capitol, sing at Carnegie Hall, cook pasta in Rome, or play soccer in Barcelona. Most educators travel for free, and can earn awesome rewards and access to exclusive events as part of our family.

Our programs and process are tuned to your needs and the type of program you are leading, but there is one common theme – WorldStrides see you as champions of experiential learning. We treat you like the hero you are and make it easy to help your students experience this journey.

We thought of that

We thought of that!

Our programs run like clockwork because we are pros at what we do, actively supporting you during your experience, from flight arrangements to hotel amenities to visas or instrument rentals or details you haven’t thought of yet!

Crucial connections

Crucial connections

We have long-standing relationships with the best vendors, venues, and partners, as well as access to a network of experiences and professionals in 100+ countries around the world…which means, now, you do too.

A plan for promotion

A plan for promotion

Our simple and proven program promotion tools give educators all they’ll need to publicize their program at school, plus scholarships and fundraising support you can make available for students and families.

We've got your back

We’ve got your back

With 50 years under our belts, we’ve seen it all and we’re ready with a plan B if we need one. If something unplanned comes up, our 24/7 team is just a phone call away, backed by an industry-leading Health & Safety infrastructure which includes Doctors on Call, top safety partnerships, and the best insurance coverage in the industry.


Our Educational Mission

Educators are becoming increasingly mindful of the role that hands-on learning and experiential opportunities play in knowledge acquisition. We see this philosophical shift in the way schools, administrators, teachers, and families look to interdisciplinary options, project-based learning, international exposure, and other endeavors beyond classroom walls to complete the educational experience.

We are humbled to be part of that important work with an interactive learning philosophy we use on our educational tours call LEAP, as well as online coursework for students and professional development for educators. We are proud to participate in the processes of educational accreditation in the U.S. and Canada just like a school, which allows our in-house educators a unique chance to share our philosophy, teaching techniques, and content with like-minded accreditors. And we are proud to partner with educators to create the curriculum for our individual programs, as well as support the learning outcomes of our study abroad experiences.

Today’s students engage in a world of advancing complexity. Our mission and vision support these students in preparing for that challenge. We seek to stimulate thinking, challenge complacency, inspire creativity, and nurture stewardship.