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    France, the Mediterranean, and Spain

    10 days - includes Paris, Versailles, Nimes, Pont du Gard, Carcassonne, Barcelona, and Madrid

    Go to France, the Mediterranean, and Spain

    Spain: The Grand Tour

    10 days - includes Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Figueres, and Barcelona

    Go to Spain: The Grand Tour

    Madrid and Andalucia

    9 days - includes Barcelona, Figueres, Cordoba, Zuheros, and Granada

    Go to Madrid and Andalucia

    Madrid and Barcelona

    8 days - includes Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, and Figueres

    Go to Madrid and Barcelona

    Paris, the Pyrenees and Barcelona

    9 days - Paris, Biarritz, San Sebastian, Lourdes, Carcassonne, Barcelona, and Palma

    Go to Paris, the Pyrenees and Barcelona

    Castles and Castanets

    10 days - includes Paris, Loire Valley, Madrid, el Escorial, Segovia, Toledo, and Seville

    Go to Castles and Castanets

    Madrid to the Sea

    9 days - Madrid, Toledo, Valencia, Tarragona, and Barcelona

    Go to Madrid to the Sea
  • Castilla to Barcelona

    10 days - Madrid, Segovia, Salamanca, Burgos, Bilbao, Pamplona, and Barcelona

    Go to Castilla to Barcelona

    Paris, Normandy and Madrid

    10 days - includes Madrid, Segovia, el Escorial, Normandy, Mont St. Michel, and Paris

    Go to Paris, Normandy and Madrid

    España Maravillosa

    9 days - includes Barcelona, Figueres, Cordoba, Seville, Toledo, and Madrid

    Go to España Maravillosa

    Paris to Barcelona

    10 days - Paris, Bordeaux, San Sebastian, Zaragoza, and Barcelona

    Go to Paris to Barcelona

    Paris, Pyrenees and Madrid

    10 days - Paris, Biarritz, St.-Jean-De-Luz, Segovia, Madrid, Burgos, and Toledo

    Go to Paris, Pyrenees and Madrid

    Paris and Madrid

    9 days - includes Paris, Loire Valley, Madrid, el Escorial, and Toledo

    Go to Paris and Madrid

    All Around Spain

    14 days - Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Salamanca, Trujillo, Merida, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, and Barcelona

    Go to All Around Spain

    Mediterranean Cultures

    13 days - Rome, Vatican City, Florence, Pisa, Monaco, Nîmes, Carcassonne, Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo

    Go to Mediterranean Cultures

    Kingdoms of the Mediterranean

    10 days - includes Madrid, Barcelona, Florence, Rome, and Vatican City

    Go to Kingdoms of the Mediterranean

    Costa del Sol

    10 days - includes Madrid, Segovia, el Escorial, Toledo, Cordoba, Seville, and Costa del Sol

    Go to Costa del Sol
  • Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona

    9 days - Lisbon, Merida, Madrid, Toledo, and Barcelona

    Go to Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona

    Paris and Barcelona

    9 days - includes Paris, Versailles, Giverny, Barcelona, Figueres, and Girona

    Go to Paris and Barcelona

    Barcelona to Andalucia

    9 days - Barcelona, Figueres, Cordoba, and Granada

    Go to Barcelona to Andalucia

    Britain, France, and Spain

    14 days - includes London, Bath, Stonehenge, Normandy, Giverny, Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid

    Go to Britain, France, and Spain

    Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid

    9 day tour of some of the most iconic landmarks throughout Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid

    Go to Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid
  • Barcelona and Madrid

    Go to Barcelona and Madrid

    Crossing Cultures

    12 days - Paris, Nice, Monaco, Provence, Carcassonne, Barcelona, and Madrid

    Go to Crossing Cultures

    Madrid, Seville and Lisbon

    9 days - Madrid, Cordoba, Seville, Merida, and Lisbon

    Go to Madrid, Seville and Lisbon

    Madrid: The Magnificent Tour

    9 days - Madrid, Toledo, and Segovia

    Go to Madrid: The Magnificent Tour
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Reviews and Comments

What our teachers and travelers say about our Spain trips?

“This tour was exceptional! We saw some of the most beautiful cities and learned so much about the history of Spain while eating amazing food and becoming a part of the culture. Our tour guide, Yinka, was one of the best tour guides I have ever had and she honestly made this tour! The experience was fantastic and I highly recommend it!”
—Katelyn, Massachusetts

“Our tour director, Emma, gave us the most outstanding experience in Spain. Our students loved her and loved the country of Spain because of her dynamic approach and relating personally to each and every one. WorldStrides took such good care of us and provided us with the best hotels and restaurants. It is by far the best educational travel company.”
—Scott, Arkansas

“Our trip to Spain was informative, great fun, and extremely memorable.  Our guide Emma was fantastic. We started every morning on a high note by singing together. Emma made everyone comfortable and made the trip enjoyable for students and teachers alike. The Spanish cooking school turned students who had never cooked into Spanish chefs with the desire to try to cook Spanish foods upon their return home. This is a trip that we will always fondly remember.”
—Mary, New Hampshire

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