Our Christian Discoveries Program allows students to experience Philadelphia, New York and Washington, D.C.

7 Blooms Around the World

The cherry blossoms in D.C. aren’t the only famous flowers around the world. Love spring? (Or summer or fall?) Here are some other places where you can see Planet Earth in all her glory! Outside of Brussels in Belgium, a forest known as “Halle’s Wood” shows off for spring with a virtual ... Read More

Paris Student Travel Evy Johnson

Gratitude in a Paris Café

On our first trip with WorldStrides in 2008, we had some free time on our last day in Paris, so my colleagues Kari, Maureen, and I spent the afternoon in a café, writing personal notes to all of the students on the trip. We told them about how proud we were of them, how much […] Read More

Travel Tips: Staying Healthy

In most of the country, winter has been hanging around far too long. (Seriously, GO HOME WINTER.) Unfortunately, the flu season is hanging around with it! According to the CDC, cases of flu A have decreased but not yet concluded. However, flu B cases are still occurring. The last thing you want to p... Read More

An International Look at Law

The American law school curriculum is designed to prepare students for practicing law in the United States, so it could be tempting for educators to focus entirely on the American system. But the practice of law is intricately bound to the realities of globalization, and the Duquesne University Sch... Read More

Byodo-in Temple. Kyoto

12 Interesting Facts about Japan

The land that brought you sushi, bonsai, and the bright lights of Tokyo is ripe with fascinating tidbits. Get to know Japan (which—by the way—is the site of our brand new premier International Teacher Convention) with these 12 interesting facts. Japan consists of 6,852 islands. The islands were ... Read More

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