Over 70 national performance opportunities for bands, choirs, and orchestras

National adjudicated and competitive music festivals in more than 20 cities across North America for school choral & instrumental groups. Young performers in middle and high school experience an unparalleled musical education at every Heritage Festival. Your ensemble will perform for nationally acclaimed adjudicators, learn from their feedback, and be inspired to new heights as a result of the entire experience. With more than 70 events available each spring, your students will explore a new city and deepen their bonds with classmates.

Free Download: Heritage Festivals Catalog
Free Download: Heritage Festivals Catalog
Music directors, learn how exciting and rewarding it is to take your music ensemble to a Heritage Festival with WorldStrides! You'll learn more about our organization, get a sneak peek of what it's like to attend a festival, explore our director rewards, and more.
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Introducing our 2021 Virtual Festival Series

Exclusively for this school year, we’re pleased to announce our first-ever Virtual Festival Series! This limited-edition series of online, adjudicated festivals provides music directors with educational support and a unique, contactless way to continue advancing your group’s talent level. Celebrate your ensemble with a valuable opportunity to let their performance – whether remotely or face-to-face – shine during an unprecedented school year. Learn more about our spring virtual festivals here.

Music directors leading students to a Heritage Festival are rewarded every step of the way

  • One free base travel package for every 25 full-paying participants
  • Panel of three nationally renowned adjudicators to provide written and recorded feedback on each performance
  • Post-performance clinic with adjudicator in your field
  • Build a tradition of performance travel at your school that expands your music program by recruiting and retaining top talent
  • Earn rewards in the form of scholarships
  • Advance your teaching career with free professional development and low-cost graduate credit
  • Receive free audio files to enhance student learning
  • Options! We’ve got more than 70 festivals in over 20 cities. Download the full Heritage Festivals calendar here.
  • Benefit from sharing your experience with your peers with referral bonuses

Directors rewarded with free travel opportunities

What’s it like to attend a Heritage Festival?



ICON - Grow Your Program

Grow your program

Performance travel does great things for you and your department. It fosters enthusiasm for your program within the community. It also earns their greater support and enhances your reputation as a forward-thinking leader. Plus, it helps you recruit new talent!

ICON - Microphone

Meaningful adjudication speaks volumes.

Every festival performance is adjudicated by a panel of three renowned music professionals. Our adjudicator partners are at the top of their game. They are trained masters at developing skill level and confidence in young performing ensembles. Assessment from multiple adjudicators assures your feedback is a balanced and meaningful critique.

ICON - Grow Your Program

Strength in numbers

With 50 years of experience, we've taken over 9 million students on educational programs - over 530,000 students traveled with us last year alone! We partner with more than 50,000 educators and 500 colleges and universities.

ICON - Global Exposure

An event with national exposure

We believe in the importance of allowing young performers a venue to push their limits. An event of this caliber attracts talented groups from across the country and around the world. It takes them beyond the local concert setting or regional competition and gives them a place to shine in the national spotlight and network with like-minded musicians.

ICON - Star Person

Recruit new talent.

Students are thrilled to be part of something big. To dance, sing, or play on new stages in new places, and to learn from the best. They tell their friends, and soon everyone around them gets excited. Retaining your students gets easier. Your recruitment gets an energy boost.

ICON - Conductor

It's all about options.

Each year we escort 70,000 students to performance destinations across the country and the globe. We offer you unbeatable choices: over 80 yearly festival dates in over 20 cities, prestigious college bowl options, and virtually unlimited destinations abroad. Whether you are looking for a competitive challenge, a rewarding trip for your ensemble, or a chance to learn from the greats, we've got you covered.

Elite performing opportunities

Looking to take your performing group to the next level? We want to give the most skilled and dedicated student ensembles the chance to perform on America’s premier stages under the batons of world-renowned conductors and adjudicators. We are pleased to offer ensembles two outstanding invite-only offerings:

Festival at Carnegie Hall | Talented choral and instrumental ensembles are encouraged to apply for one of the nation’s most prestigious honors—the opportunity to perform on stage at Carnegie Hall. Working with world-class conductors, our Carnegie Hall ensembles gain real-world exposure to the professional world of music. Learn more about how to take your ensemble to perform at Carnegie Hall.

Festival of Gold | Offered on some of the nation’s most premier stages, the Festival of Gold offers ensembles a truly unique experience. It’s a festival, extensive clinics with renowned conductors, and a prestigious performance—all in one event. Learn more about how to bring your choral or instrumental group to a one-of-a-kind performing opportunity.

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