Credit Options and Eligibility


Free High School Credit through WorldStrides Discovery for Credit

  • Course Options:  Online courses are paired with corresponding travel programs to reflect themes and destinations. You’ll choose courses from your custom menu.
  • Eligibility:  Most of our programs offer this type of academic credit. Students in grades 6-12 at the time of travel on a WorldStrides program are eligible to earn high school credit.
  • Cost:  Discovery for Credit course participation is free—that means you pay nothing!

College Preparatory Credits through WorldStrides Discovery for Credit

  • Course Options:  Students have multiple options for completing coursework online. College preparatory options differ in theme and destination based on the travel program.
  • Eligibility:  Students in grades 9-12 at the time of travel are eligible to participate.
  • Cost:  Per credit fees vary by program.  In some cases, college preparatory credit may already be included in your program fee.  To find out if this free credit applies to your trip, please confirm with your WorldStrides representative.  Transcripts for these college preparatory credits are issued through the University of California – San Diego Extension.
How credit works for students

For grades 6-12

  • Getting started is easy! Register for Discovery for Credit online through your Academic Credit Portal. You can register before, during, or even after you travel.
  • Select the course(s) of most interest to you.
  • After you travel, you’ll work at your own pace to complete all online coursework. Our instructors will provide feedback on your work as you go. You’ll engage in activities that offer options for video responses, opportunities to use photos from your experience, and that invite you to participate in discussions with your peers.
  • You have up to six months to complete the coursework after you return from your travel program.


Receiving Transcripts for your Credit

Once you’ve completed both the travel program and the online portion successfully, you’ll receive an official transcript.  High school credit is issued through WorldStrides. College transcripts are issued through our university partner, University of California – San Diego Extension.

Your official transcript will be sent directly to your home address and you can choose how you’ll use it.

  • Your transcript may be submitted alongside your traditional high school transcript as a form of distinction in your academic profile during the college/university application processes.
  • You may present your transcript to your school registrar for consideration toward inclusion on your high school or college transcript. Acceptance is always determined at the discretion of the receiving institution. Contact the WorldStrides Curriculum & Academics Team for supporting documentation via
Credit and professional development for teachers

Teachers who travel with WorldStrides either as a group leader or a chaperone are eligible to earn free professional development hours, points, or units.  You will earn a professional development certificate for 5 points/hours or 0.5 CEUs per day you travel.  Our Curriculum and Academics Team helps identify opportunities to meet your state’s requirements and to develop your portfolio program.

Our Curriculum and Academics Team, in conjunction with multiple regional accreditation partners and our university partnership, University of California – San Diego Extension, offers teachers the opportunity to earn graduate credit. For a special educators’ discount, traveling teachers are invited to participate in our online graduate credit course. This course is available each year.

Contact the Curriculum and Academics team via to learn more.

Have questions? We have answers.

    Who develops and grades coursework when students get credit through WorldStrides?

    The Curriculum & Academics team is comprised of highly credentialed educators with years of classroom and field teaching experience. Our Chief Academic Officer, Wendy Amato, holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Virginia. All courses are designed to meet the specific developmental and educational needs of the learners on the travel programs. Coursework is evaluated by the WorldStrides team with personalized feedback, differentiated assignments, a range of product options, and a mastery learning approach to assessment. Click here to view full details on the WorldStrides Discovery for Credit Program.

    What is the educator’s responsibility for credit offered?

    WorldStrides' Curriculum & Academics team is fully credentialed and responsible for all aspects of the online coursework of Discovery for Credit. Program Leaders are not required to grade, write curriculum, or collect assignments related to credit issued by WorldStrides. Program Leaders are encouraged to introduce the opportunity to earn credit as a valuable element of the program they are leading.

    How long does it take to complete online coursework?

    The workload of the course is determined by the number of credits being earned. Fortunately, the majority of our course hours are satisfied in the field during travel programs, leaving a manageable portion of coursework for the online learning environment. Students are encouraged to register for and explore the coursework to anticipate their personal timeline. Upon returning from travel, all coursework must be completed within 6 months of the return date. Click here to view full details on WorldStrides' Discovery for Credit Program.

    How much does high school credit cost?

    Discovery for Credit is free—meaning students who successfully complete online coursework following their travel program will receive free high school credit. The exact amount of credit received depends on the travel program and specific coursework selected.  Click here to view full details on WorldStrides’ Discovery for Credit Program.