International Concert Tours

International Concert Tours

Let us put you in the middle of an adventurous musical experience of your own design, in the international setting of your choosing. Imagine your band or orchestra on tour in Germany with musical performances along the way. Or picture your choral group performing the Evensong service in an Alpine chapel. We’re seasoned veterans at consulting with you and presenting international concert tours that will create the memory of a lifetime for your group. Give us your specs and let us use our established connections abroad to set up the logistics and performance venues for you.


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A chance to soak it all in A chance to soak it all in

We believe real immersion in a culture makes for a more authentic experience. We want you to eat like the natives do, so we take you to local restaurants. We want you to bunk down right in the center of the action, so we put you in centrally located hotels. All this means more local flavor, and more hours to enjoy it! View more

We've Got Your Back We've got your back.

Our Tour Central office gives you "always there" support—24/7—and our proven contingency plan process gives you peace of mind. We also offer comprehensive liability coverage for teachers and schools, and medical coverage for students.

Treated like a King Unprecedented access

When it comes to growing tomorrow's performers, it's all about the access—access to world-famous performing venues and stages—access to larger, more inspiring audiences than ever before—access to the national spotlight itself. We've got it all for you.

Our Goals Tune up the competitive edge.

Our tours and events deliver up close and personal exposure to real-world professional performers and professional-caliber content—in music, dance, and drama. It's an experience that translates powerfully into personal portfolios and applications for colleges.

We’re an actual school Give yourselves some credit

Our accreditation as a school allows us to offer free college credit for student travel. It's a great boost to student portfolios, and a competitive advantage when applying to college. To say thanks to our teachers leading the program, we also offer free professional development and graduate credit.  Read More

We make promotion simple Worry-free promotion

We have a proven system that makes promoting your trip literally as easy as 1-2-3. Our traveling teachers give us high marks for the free promotional materials we supply and the additional student signups they get when they follow the simple steps.

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