5 Ways to Defeat Boredom during Anti-Boredom Month

Did you know that July is Anti-Boredom Month? Now that we’re months into restricted movement and stay-at-home orders, your list of ways to stay entertained might be running low. Here are five ways you and your family can make this July one for the books!  

Be a tourist in your own town 

Man biking down cobbled road of pedestrians

We can’t travel right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore your local neighborhood! Now is a great time to take in the sights you take for granted every day. Hop on a bike or use your own two feet to enjoy the unique sights of your town. You never know – your new favorite spot might be hiding just around the corner!  

Learn a new language  

What better way to get ready for future travel than learning some key phrases in a new language? Duolingo lets you choose from over 30 different languages to learn. Or try a simple way to immerse yourself from home – watching a foreign language show or turning on foreign language subtitles for a favorite flick!  

Develop a new skill 

Watercolor painting of mountains and sunset on table with paintbrushes and paint

There are innumerable skills you can learn with just the help of the internet and a few supplies. The possibilities are endless: Learning to paint or draw, becoming a chess pro, dabbling in coding, joining the Sourdough starter trend, creating your own meditation mantra, or knitting the time away.  

Volunteering your resources  

It’s hard to be bored when you’re focusing your time on others! Think of the time, energy, skills, and experience you have to offer, and then find organizations that you can best assist! It could mean volunteering at a food bank, delivering meals to those in need, fostering a shelter pet, or even signing up to donate blood.  

Get Moving 

Woman in yoga pose on waterfront

Exercise is a great way to keep active and release some endorphins. Whether you lace on your running shoes, try some new yoga moves, or kick a soccer ball around, you’ll be left in a better mood by the end! 

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Article written by Nikki Fabrizio

Nikki Fabrizio
Nikki creates content and enjoys highlighting the exuberance of experiential learning. In her free time you can find her traveling, hiking and practicing circus arts.