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Through WorldStrides’ STEM programs, students can take advantage of our relationships around the country and globe to get unique insights into the worlds of science, technology, math and engineering. Here are a few noteworthy experiences students can have while on our STEM programs.

Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant - Hellisheidi, Iceland
Hellisheidi Power Plant: Just outside Reykjavik, students will visit a power plant and get an in-depth look at how geothermal energy is processed. This power plant is located at Hengill, an active volcanic ridge in southwest Iceland. Students will have an in-depth look at how the hot water is processed for geothermal energy to meet growing demands for electricity.

Kennedy Space Center:
 Here, students learn the incredible story of NASA’s 30-year Space Shuttle Program at the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit. Then, they’ll experience the interactive launch simulator and discover what it’s like to be an astronaut during a space shuttle launch. Afterwards, they’ll have lunch with a veteran astronaut and get the inside scoop on one of the most riveting professions!

Disney World Castle
Disney’s Magic Kingdom YES Seminar: Properties of Motion: Students will ride major attractions like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad®, Space Mountain®, and Splash Mountain® to explore the laws of physics and collect data. They’ll become theme park scientists for a day as they apply the scientific method and explore the acceleration, velocity, and potential and kinetic energy that all play a hand in creating that fantastic adrenaline rush!

San Francisco
San Francisco
Tech Museum of Innovation: Exploring high-tech science with the Tech’s many exhibits, students can learn about cyber security, create with augmented reality and virtual reality, and build their own robot!

Deutsches Museum: One of the most important museums in the world for scientific and technical exhibits, students will find exhibits on cryptology, universal computers, and automaton.

Forensic Outreach workshop. Students will participate in a workshop with Forensic Outreach. They’ll participate in a 1.5 hour forensic, crime, or security workshop, focusing on a specific subject area within these disciplines.

Bletchley Park. Students will visit Bletchley Park and the National Codes Centre. This building, which now serves as a museum, originally housed the “ultra-secret” codebreaking team of England. They’ll visit the various “Huts” where groundbreaking computer science and mathematics occurred. Students will also take part in a code workshop. They’ll learn what goes into making and breaking codes using mathematics!

Amazon Headquarters:. Touring the Amazon Headquarters, students will learn more about how the online retail giant was once a simple bookstore. They’ll see the campus where all of the technology that powers the website is being constantly developed and advanced, and learn interesting campus facts. (Did you know Amazon is home to over 6,000 four legged friends?)

Microsoft Visitor Center: From the moment students walk through the doors of the Microsoft Visitor Center, they’ll experience a glimpse into the future, balanced with a nod to the past. See the latest from Microsoft Artificial Intelligence + Research and the very first personal computer – and the history of innovation in between.

Hellenic Mathematical Society Tour: Students will enjoy a tour of the Hellenic Mathematical Society (HMS), which is a learned society that promotes the study of mathematics in Greece. It was founded in 1918, and published the Bulletin of the Greek Mathematical Society. In addition to their tour, students will have the opportunity to meet some of the members and possibly learn about current research or national math contests.

Only a quarter of US K-12 schools teach coding or programming, and only 26% of 12th grade students are proficient at math. An education in STEM gives students the opportunity to reinvent their world through their knowledge. With so many options, students can foster a love for their discipline no matter where in the world they go with WorldStrides’ experiential programs. Learn more about our STEM programs, including Seattle and Britain.

Article written by Nikki Fabrizio

Nikki Fabrizio
Nikki creates content and enjoys highlighting the exuberance of experiential learning. In her free time you can find her traveling, hiking and practicing circus arts.

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