WorldStrides OnStage programs fuel the artistic passions of students through live performance events in choir, band, and orchestra—breathtaking productions and prestigious competitions on the most storied U.S. and world stages. Our renowned conductors, adjudicators, and choreographers inspire students to new heights of artistry. This is where creativity gets its spark.

Meet WorldStrides OnStage

Grow your program

Performance travel does great things for you and your department. It fosters enthusiasm for your program within the community. It also earns their greater support and enhances your reputation as a forward-thinking leader in making top talent and technique available to local students.

Unprecedented access

When it comes to growing tomorrow's performers, it's all about the access—access to world-famous performing venues and stages—access to larger, more inspiring audiences than ever before—access to the national spotlight itself. We've got it all for you.

Tune up the competitive edge

Our tours and events deliver up close and personal exposure to real-world professional performers and professional-caliber content—in music, dance, and drama. It's an experience that translates powerfully into personal portfolios and applications for colleges or careers.

Let the pros get you pumped.

Whether it's a music festival, a parade, a halftime show, or a competitive concert setting, our performance lineup puts you face to face with some of the nation's most talented, passionate luminaries—renowned conductors, hot choreographers, seasoned adjudicators.

Strength in numbers

With 50 years of experience, we've taken over 9 million students on educational programs - over 400,000 students traveled with us last year alone! We partner with more than 10,000 K-12 schools and 500 colleges and universities.

It's all about options.

Each year we escort 70,000 students to performance destinations across the country and the globe. We offer you unbeatable choices: over 100 yearly festival dates in over 25 cities, seven college bowl options, and virtually unlimited destinations abroad. Whether you are looking for a competitive challenge, a rewarding trip for your ensemble, or a chance to learn from the greats, we've got you covered.

Advance your teaching career

Our accredited status means that you receive up to 35 points/hour of professional development and have the opportunity to earn low-cost graduate credit.

Free credit for the taking

Through our Discovery for Credit program, we're extremely proud to offer our student travelers free high school credit.  We even offer high school students three free college preparatory credits on most of our international travel programs.   This type of credential offers students a competitive advantage on college applications.  Click here to learn more.