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Your Adventure, Day by Day

Day 1 Depart U.S. for Beijing
Day 2 Arrive in Beijing
  • Welcome Dinner This evening we will enjoy a special welcome dinner of traditional Peking Duck.
Day 3 Hexi Village & Great Wall of China
  • Hexi Village We will visit Hexi Village for our first experience of rural China.
  • Authentic Dumpling Lunch Enjoy an authentic dumpling (Jiaozi) lunch at the home of a local family. Learn about how to prepare the dumplings, as well as about life in the village.
  • Great Wall of China Visit the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall of China, one of the world’s most awesome and impressive sights. The series of stone and earthen fortifications snakes its way east to west for nearly 4,000 miles, and was built, rebuilt, and maintained between the 5th century BC and the 16th century AD to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire. We will hike from the East Tower With Five Holes to Zhuanduo Pass.
  • BBQ Dinner Later, enjoy a specially catered BBQ dinner at the base of the Great Wall.
Day 4 Beijing
  • Temple of Heaven Visit the enormous park and altar directly to the south of the Forbidden City. Each winter solstice, the Ming and Qing emperors would lead a procession here to perform rites and make sacrifices designed to promote the next year’s crops and curry favor with Heaven for the general health of the empire.
  • Learn Tai Ji Discover the history of the Chinese martial art, Tai Ji. Learn the moves from an experienced instructor, then practice what you’ve been taught.
  • Flight from Beijing to Guiyang Transfer via private coach to Kaili
  • Service Program and Homestay Orientation
  • Traditional Dinner at a Local Restaurant This evening, a Miao fish hote-pot dinner will be provided in a local restaurant.
Day 5 Miao Village
  • Transfer to Miao Village
  • Hike to Miao Village The road ends! Hike to your local Miao village and enjoy the beautiful Guizhou scenery of clear meandering streams and beautifully stacked rice terraces, followed by a hearty greeting from villagers by way of a traditional Miao welcome ceremony.
  • Homestay Our base for the next four nights will be with our hosts in the Miao village.
  • Village Community Service Project Begin working on a project that will impact the community through a Village Community Service Project. Possible projects include cleaning up landslips, building village infrastructure, or creating eco facilities (exact project will be determined based on the community needs closer to departure).
  • Communal Dinner This evening, enjoy a communal dinner in our village homes.
Day 6 Miao Village
  • Waterfall Hike This morning, enjoy a hike to a nearby waterfall and explore the breathtaking mountains.
  • Local Elementary School Visit Connect with the local elementary school by participating in a cultural classroom exchange. Here your group will have a chance to expose these underprivileged students to ideas and concepts they never really get to experience. Environmental protection, music, and even art are things that these children rarely get a chance to learn and by taking the time to teach these things your group will have a lasting impact on the development of these young children.
  • Traditional Miao Dinner Return to your host family and learn how to make traditional Miao food to then take to share with your classmates.
Day 7 Miao Village
  • Village Community Service Project Continue working on your service project.
  • Artisan Workshops This afternoon we will participate in a Hands on Batik or Paper Making Workshops with local artisan producers.
  • Bonfire and BBQ Tonight, enjoy a bonfire party and BBQ in the evening (weather and restrictions permitting).
Day 8 Miao Village
  • Mountain Biking Adventure This morning, explore the surrounding area on a Mountain Biking Adventure deep into the local countryside.
  • Village Community Service Project This afternoon, wrap up your village community service project.
Day 9 Miao Village - Kaili
  • Visit a Local Farm In the morning, try your hand at local farm work. This is the best opportunity to learn how and where your food usually comes from.
  • Farewell Lunch Enjoy a farewell lunch with your host family, before saying goodbye and transferring to Kaili.
  • Depart for Kaili
  • Kaili Market Take some time to visit the Kaili local market where you can see the famous Miao silver smiths.
  • Traditional Dong Ethnic Dinner Enjoy a traditional Dong ethnic minority dinner.
Day 10 Shanghai
  • Transfer to Guiyang Flight from Guiyang to Shanghai.
  • Shanghai Shanghai is the largest and most dynamic city in China. The recent explosion of economic and industrial development in this autonomous municipality has made it one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Shanghai is an exhilarating, ever-changing city that is setting the pace for the rest of the world.
  • Colonial Bund Enjoy a visit to the financial and business district with numerous historical and financial buildings on the Huangpu River in an area that originally served as a British settlement. We will also see the People's Square, which is surrounded by the tallest buildings in Shanghai.
Day 11 Departure
  • Yu Gardens and Bazaar Explore the pleasant and well-contained classical Chinese garden. Built between 1559 and 1577, the Yu Yuan (meaning Garden of Peace and Comfort) is a maze of Míng Dynasty pavilions, elaborate rockeries, arched bridges and goldfish ponds, all encircled by an undulating dragon wall.
  • Farewell Meal
  • Depart for U.S.