We've been a leader in educational travel for the past 50 years—taking students of all ages around the globe and into some of the most important learning adventures of their lives. Our teachers, professors, parents, and college administrators give us consistently high ratings for our proven safety process and policies. And we back our travelers with the best insurance coverage in the business.

Strength in numbers

With 50 years of experience, we've taken over 9 million students on educational programs - over 400,000 students traveled with us last year alone! We partner with more than 10,000 K-12 schools and 500 colleges and universities.

We’re on it.

When it comes to student travel, we've seen it all (and handled it all). We'll carefully manage every detail of your trip with efficiency and diplomacy—whether you're going to Washington D.C. or southern Africa!

We've got your back

Our Tour Central office gives you "always there" support—24/7—and our proven contingency plan process gives you peace of mind. We also offer comprehensive liability coverage for teachers and schools, and medical coverage for students.

We've got connections.

We have long-standing relationships with the best vendors, venues, and transportation providers, as well as access to global leaders and innovators in 100+ countries around the world.


World-class service

We place a top priority on personal attention and thoughtful service as a key part of our partnership with you. That means we give you a dedicated team to handle all your trip details, from start to finish. It also means we make your trip planning easy with our proven strategies and support for signing up students and getting your trip off the ground. The main thing you have to do is relax and enjoy the ride!

A well-oiled machine

Our customers give us rave reviews for our top-notch trip planning. We handle every detail for you, with particular focus on safety and security.

We make promotion simple.

Our classroom-ready trip promotion tools give teachers all they'll need to publicize their trip and make it happen—free and simple.

Smooth sailing

Our trips run like clockwork because we actively support you during your experience, from flight arrangements to hotel amenities to our expert tour leaders—even visas when needed.

Worry-free payment options

Our online payment portal for many of our programs gives lots of options and makes it easy and convenient to pay for travel.


Quality with a purpose

We focus relentlessly on the details that make the biggest difference—superior educational content, logistics, where you stay, what you have for dinner, how easy we are to work with—both before and during your trip. We make quality our top priority, so you and your group can sit back and let this travel experience become the best one of your lives.

VIP access

From unique performance opportunities to visits with experts in the field, our established connections open the doors for your students in mind-expanding ways.

Travel with your taste buds.

We carefully select where our travelers dine, making sure it's authentic local cuisine, served in local restaurants.

In the heart of the action

Centrally located hotels in our international destinations free up extra hours for spontaneous exploration and fun.

Rock star tour guides

Our certified on-tour leaders speak the local language, have encyclopedic knowledge, and thrive on making the journey fun. They're also pros at tuning their content to the right education level.


Educational excellence

We believe it's not just the exposure to new places that changes students' lives, but also the kind of experience they have during that exposure. That's why we work with you to build program content that meets your travel/learning goals. We also embed interactive learning activities into each tour, so students genuinely connect with their experiences and retain them. Through our school accreditation, we offer free credit for students and professional development for teachers.

We’re accredited like a school

WorldStrides has a dedicated Curriculum and Academics department, and we're officially accredited by educational bodies across North America. We offer academic credit to student travelers and professional development for educators.

We find the perfect balance.

Our itineraries are designed to ensure each travel program is aligned with your curriculum and balances learning with enjoyment, fun, and relaxation.

Free credit for the taking

Through our Discovery for Credit program, we're extremely proud to offer our student travelers free high school credit.  We even offer high school students three free college preparatory credits on most of our international travel programs.   This type of credential offers students a competitive advantage on college applications.  Click here to learn more.

By educators for educators

We educate students through authentic travel encounters with the world beyond the classroom. For all ages and interests, our experiential content meets students where they are on their educational journey. Our powerful, trademarked learning tool (L.E.A.P.) helps us bring this mission to life.



How do you put your finger on a company’s essence? It's DNA? At WorldStrides we’re so much more than a student travel company. In fact, you might say that we are passionately by, for, and about empowering students to grow and change. To explore every corner of the world and their personal reflections so they can become all they can be. Educational travel?—Yes. Dream makers?—Absolutely!

Our Mission

WorldStrides’ mission is to ignite personal growth for students through travel and study abroad at every stage of development.

Our Vision

To be the superior choice in educational travel for teachers, administrators, students and parents.

Our Diversity Commitment

We are committed to the learning that happens when people interact with people who have different perspectives. We believe in extending the opportunity to learn through experience to people of all races, ethnicities, creeds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and physical and mental abilities. Our commitment extends to our workplace, where we believe in creating an inclusive space that promotes and values diversity. We believe this focus makes us more successful, and that creating an environment that encourages people of all backgrounds to contribute their best work is the right thing to do.

Our Social Responsibility

As a global organization, we are passionate about providing educational services by exposing learners of all ages to new destinations and personal enrichment experiences—a commitment that is fueled by the dedication of our employees and partners. As a WorldStrides family, we are educational advocates with a shared responsibility for being socially, environmentally, and fiscally responsible, both on tour and in the office. We focus on employee diversity, welfare, and growth; we make environmentally conscious decisions to use resources carefully; we lend a helping hand to local communities around the world; and we make ethical business decisions in pursuit of the company’s future success.