Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Prague

Germany has long been a country of fascination, though the country itself is a fairly recent creation in Europe. From the noble heights of the Holy Roman Empire to the lows of WWII and the Nazi regime, the industrious people of Germany have emerged stronger than ever. This is a land that produced religious revolution, scientific and technological breakthroughs, and masterpieces of art and music - all while retaining a rich and unique cultural heritage. A mountainous and breathtakingly beautiful country, Austria is rich in cultural history, producing some of the greatest musicians (Mozart, Haydn, Liszt, Strauss), scientists (Doppler and Mendel) and psychologists (Freud). Austria will leave you smiling and understanding that the hills and cities really ARE alive with the sound of music and much more. The Czech Republic was established mere decades ago after the Velvet Revolution. With beautiful terrain, medieval castles, flowing rivers, and a warm citizenry, The Czech Republic is now one of the most prosperous post-communist states.