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Your Adventure, Day by Day

Day 1 Departure from North America
  • Flight to Athens Enjoy full meal service on your scheduled wide-bodied flight to Athens.
Day 2 Arrive Athens – Corinth
  • Arrive in Greece We will be met at the airport by our tour manager/guide who will accompany us to Corinth, one of the largest and most prosperous cities in ancient Greece and the site of Paul’s preachings to the Corinthians.
  • Ancient Corinth Our day includes a visit to Ancient Corinth, beginning with the most conspicuous and the most handsome surviving building, the 6th-century BC Temple of Apollo,which stands on a low hill overlooking the extensive remains of the Roman Agora. Only seven of the temple's 38 monolithic Doric columns are standing; the others having long since been toppled by earthquakes. From the temple, we will walk along ancient Corinth's former main drag, a 40-foot-wide marble-paved road that ran from the port of Lechaion into the heart of the Agora. In the Agora, we will view the remains of the Fountain of Peirene, rebuilt by the famous Roman traveler, Herodes Atticus. When he was done, the spring was encased in an elaborate two-storied building with arches and arcades and a 50-square-foot courtyard. We will also view the Bema, the public platform where St. Paul had to plead his case when the Corinthians, irritated by his constant criticisms, hauled him up in front of the Roman governor Gallo in AD 52.
  • Athens Continue on to Athens.
Day 3 Athens (Birthplace of Western Civilization)
  • Acropolis Our morning commences with a visit to the Acropolis, which has dominated the skyline of Athens for over 2,000 years. A citadel was built on the rock in Mycenaean times, and was the first of a series of temples that honored Athena, the city’s divine patroness. In 480 BC, the Persians captured the Acropolis, and the Athenian leader Pericles rebuilt the site according to his plan of unsurpassed beauty and grandeur. During our tour of the Acropolis, we will view: the Propylaia, the monumental entrance to the complex; the Temple of Athena Nike; the Parthenon, the temple to Athena which crowns the Acropolis; the Erectheion, dedicated to Poseidon and Athena; and the Theater of Herodes Atticus, originally built in AD 161.
  • Acropolis Museum Our time on the Acropolis concludes with a visit to the Acropolis Museum, featuring a superb collection of treasures excavated from the area.
  • Ancient Agora Our day continues with a visit to the Ancient Agora, or marketplace, which formed the political heart of Athens from 600 BC. Socrates was indicted and executed here in 399 BC. The theater, schools, and stoas filled with shops also made this the center of social and commercial life. We will explore the vast remains of the ancient complex, which have been excavated since the 1930s, including Hephaisteion, the best-preserved Temple, and the Stoa of Attalos, a reconstructed, colonnaded building, which houses a small museum with the finds from the Agora.
  • Plaka Area This evening we will explore and dine in the lively Plaka Area, the historic heart of Athens.
Day 4 Athens – Flight to Izmir – Ephesus – Pamukkale
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