When it comes to travel, it’s you that your students will remember.

As their leader, you’re the one who starts the dream and sees it through, whether your students end up climbing the Eiffel Tower, cooking in Seville, or practicing gladiatorial combat in Rome. WorldStrides’ mission is to bring travel to as many students as we can and to treat you like royalty throughout the ride!

This section is designed to help keep you up to date on the latest news and trends in educational travel to prepare you for a successful experience. Hear stories from other educators travels, learn more about the amazing destinations WorldStrides travels and get access to useful educational tools. Check back often to see the latest updates and learn more about the many benefits of educational travel through WorldStrides.

Wendy Amato, Ph.D.

Our Educational Mission

Educators are becoming increasingly mindful of the role that hands-on learning and experiential opportunities play in knowledge acquisition. We see this philosophical shift in the way schools, administrators, teachers, and families look to interdisciplinary options, project-based learning, international exposure, and other endeavors beyond classroom walls to complete the educational experience.

Today’s students engage in a world of advancing complexity. Our mission and vision support these students in preparing for that challenge. We seek to stimulate thinking, challenge complacency, inspire creativity, and nurture stewardship.

Wendy W. Amato, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer

Educational Accreditation

WorldStrides is accredited by educational bodies across the country, and we have a dedicated Curriculum and Academics Department—this means we’re an actual school, and can offer students high school and college preparatory credit.

Benefits for our educators

Educator Opportunities and Benefits

When you give your students the life-changing experience of travel, you deserve kudos for making a creative and lasting contribution to their education. Below are a few of the rewards that you – and they – receive with WorldStrides travel:

Educator benefits
  • We offer an easy promotion and recruitment process for getting your trip going
  • You can travel free, and also earn free spots for family and colleagues
  • You can get professional development credit for your travel
Student benefits
  • A broader worldview and more mature life perspective
  • Stronger friendships and the fun of a shared adventure
  • Eligibility for academic credit, including three free college preparatory credits for students traveling on our Perspectives programs
  • For adult learners, an expanded network of connections

Click below to see specific benefits that may apply to you!

Discoveries Programs Teacher Benefits
Perspectives Programs Teacher Benefits
Performance Educator Benefits
College and Post-grad Educator Benefits

Educator Resources and Webinars to Enhance Your Lesson Plans

Spy Museum 
Spy Museum Webinar  
The International Spy Museum joins forces with the WorldStrides Education team to debrief educators on the unique opportunities awaiting their students in the form of exhibits, workshops, and lesson planning resources. From George Washington’s critical espionage efforts, to concealment devices and envelope x-ray spray, the ISM team shows teachers many ways their students are positioned for exciting engagement and hands-on learning at the ISM. The museum’s educators offer an exclusive glimpse into the elements of ‘Spy 101,’ a brand new workshop developed especially for WorldStrides students.


Fords Theatre Thumbnail
Ford’s Theatre Webinar
WorldStrides partners with Ford’s Theatre to offer educators an interactive peek into the theatre’s key exhibits. Teachers engage in a visual discovery activity to help students envision life at the time of Lincoln’s assassination and prepare them for empowered critical thinking when they visit. They further explore resources and special opportunities for students as well as one-of-a-kind professional development for teachers.


Holocaust Museum Thumbnail
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Webinar
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and WorldStrides invite teachers to explore a resource kit to support the annual observance of The Days of Remembrance in schools and communities across the nation. The teams explore the year’s theme and offer lesson plans to engage students in class as they prepare for an extension of meaningful learning during their visit to the museum.


Montpelier Thumbnail
Montpelier Webinar
The WorldStrides education team embarks on a quest to learn about the life and contributions of James Madison, the Father of the Constitution. They host the Montpelier education team for a tour of Montpelier’s expansive, diverse grounds, an overview of customizable student programs, and a sampling of powerful professional development opportunities for educators. From the room in which the Constitution was conceived, to the segregation era train depot, teachers discover the ways in which Montpelier offers rich, tangible teaching tools across the entire scope of American history.



We picked the brains of both WorldStrides employees and teachers for their best suggestions on useful fundraising campaigns to help raise money for educational travel opportunities. Download the WorldStrides Fundraising Guide below for all sorts of ideas, whether you’re headed to a music festival, to Washington, D.C., or abroad!