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We have SO much information on fundraising and financing assistance, we have a whole website for it!

Ask friends and family for the Gift of Education

Our most successful fundraising tool is called the Gift of Education. Our customizable e-cards, letters, and for some travelers, a social media sharing link, have helped travelers raise millions of dollars – all by asking family and friends to give them the most important gift of all!

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Scholarships and financial assistance

We believe in the power of educational travel and experiences, and we believe it is essential to help make our programs more accessible for students. WorldStrides offers more than $2 million in financial assistance and scholarships each year. Visit our fundraising site to learn more!

Download: WorldStrides fundraising guide

We picked the brains of both WorldStrides employees and teachers for their best suggestions on useful fundraising campaigns to help raise money for educational travel opportunities. Download the WorldStrides Fundraising Guide below for all sorts of ideas, whether you’re headed to a music festival, to Washington, D.C., or abroad!