How to I Say I Love You – Around the World

Love. It’s the theme of epic legends and stories in every society across the world. And it’s in the everyday, in every language and every culture.

Here are some ways people across the world express their love. Maybe these can create a spark for you! Oui?


I love you – Je t’aime

Where to say it: Belgium, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Morocco, Switzerland


I love you – Ich liebe dich

Where to say it: Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland


I love you – Te quiero (to friends) Te amo (to someone special!)

Where to say it: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay


I love you –Ana uhibbuka

Where to say it: Egypt, Morocco, Qatar, United Arab Emirates

Mandarin Chinese

I love you – Wo ai ni 我愛你

Where to say it: China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand


I love you – Eu te amo

Where to say it: Brazil, Portugal


I love you – Ti amo

Where to say it: Croatia, Italy, San Marino, Slovenia, Switzerland, Vatican City


I love you – Ya lyublyu tebya

Where to say it: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia

Article written by Dorothea Henry

Dorothea Henry
Dorothea love to uncover interesting and helpful finds for travelers everywhere. Sharing insights and information across websites and social channels are her love languages. She finds adventures near and far with her husband, three sons, and Texas Heeler.