8 Fun Facts About Oxford

Oxford is a favorite for tourists looking for a day trip from London, or a quiet alternative to the busy metropolis. The famous university town draws thousands of tourists a year, for its quaintness as well as its associations with modern western mythology, particularly Alice in Wonderland and the Harry Potter movies.

Here are eight magical facts about Oxford:

  • Oxford University was established in or around the 11th century, making it the second-oldest known university in the world behind the University of Bologna.
  • The town was named around AD 900, as a river crossing (or “ford”) for oxen. It was later damaged during the 1066 invasion, in which William the Conqueror took over England.
  • Oxford was largely spared during the bombings of World War II, making it an especially fun city for lovers of old architecture. 
  • The buildings will likely be familiar to fans of the Harry Potter movies, which used Oxford as filming locations for many scenes.
  • Lewis Carroll told the beginnings of Alice in Wonderland to Dean Henry Liddell’s daughters—one of whom was named Alice—in Oxford in 1862.
  • The bookstore chain Blackwell’s Bookstore began in Oxford, where its flagship store still stands. The store has the world’s largest room devoted to book sales, with three miles of shelving.
  • Punting is a popular activity among Oxford tourists, who sit in a wooden boat on the river while a guide pushes it along with a pole.
    Oxford Punts CBL
  • The University Museum of Natural History has the most complete specimens of the dodo, a flightless bird that went extinct in the 17th century. The museum has the bird’s mummified skull, and bones from the foot and leg.

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