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5 Accessible Ways to Incorporate Pop Culture in Your Classroom

While we’ve been spending more time at home, maybe we’ve found ourselves with opportunities to indulge in our favorite aspects of pop culture, or maybe we’re getting caught up on a guilty-pleasure show or podcast. Pop culture is all around us, especially with social media’s prevalence in our... Read More

Take Care! Back-to-School Teacher Wellness

The start of a new school year brings a range of emotions. You’re excited, but maybe a little anxious, you’re energized, but careful to pace yourself, and you’re eager to start, even if you wouldn’t turn down another day of rest. In the middle of a pandemic and great uncertainty, these back-... Read More

Take on Shanghai

Four Tips for Bringing New Cultures Alive for Students

Sure, a lot is written about “bucket lists” and “doing it for the ‘Gram,” but students and their teachers today want far more than a checkmark and a photo from their international travel program. Seeing the sites is great, but experiencing a new culture is what makes tr... Read More

How Travel Boosts Student Confidence

For decades, I did my best to teach students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties as they struggled in a traditional academic setting. But the barriers they faced in a traditional school setting were often too much to overcome. Year after year, students came into my first-grade classroom fa... Read More


How to Print our Full-Size Decor for your Classroom

We know teachers want classroom wall decor that’s colorful, fun, and full of inspiration for your students! We also know that teachers need free classroom resources that are easy-to-print to make it happen. So how can you decorate your classroom on a budget and without spending hours wrestling... Read More

Triple Traveling Teacher is “Addicted” to Travel

We admire every teacher who takes on the (super fun and rewarding) job of leading student travel programs. But Randy Martin gets our admiration not once, not twice, but THRICE! This eighth-grade social studies teacher led three trips this year. What began ten years ago as a single trip to Washington... Read More

5 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Prepare for Fall

Summer, summer, summertime

School is out and it’s sort of a buzz* Teachers! Let me ask you – do you stop being a teacher when it’s summertime? One gift that comes from summertime is the air to think freely, creatively. No bells, no meetings, no grading, no rushing to get that unit finished or this project thing started.... Read More

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Download: Back-To-School Ice Breakers

It’s the first day of school and everyone is excited about the upcoming school year – and maybe a little nervous too! Start building your classroom community from day one with a back-to-school ice breaker. Download our classroom ice breakers below! Can't see the infographic? Download it ... Read More