Carols, Crooners, & Cheer: A History of Christmas Tunes

By the end of November, it begins. You start to hear the tinkling of bells and the swell of choral voices that marks the start of the holiday music season. While many of the more familiar classical carols were produced during the 19th century, the period from the Great Depression to the post-war 195... Read More

Carnegie Hall Exterior

The Importance of Learning to Listen

In February 2020, High school Junior Gracie traveled to New York to perform at Carnegie Hall with Honors Performance Series. As part of her program coursework, she tells us about the importance of truly listening. I live in a place where it’s pretty cold for most of the year, so spring has finally... Read More

Helping Healthcare Workers: A Student Service Project

During his Junior year, Logan, a saxophone section leader in his high school’s marching band, traveled to Orlando, FL with WorldStrides Performing Arts. He describes this trip as “a once in a lifetime experience. I had the opportunity to show some leadership, commitment, and responsibili... Read More

Carnegie hall stage

Carnegie Hall: Through the Eyes of a Student Performer

Ninth-grader and euphonium player Jack tells us about his performance at Carnegie as part of his WorldStrides Performing Arts program. When I first arrived at Carnegie Hall, I was amazed by how large, and immaculate the theater was. There were layers upon layers of seating levels, all facing towards... Read More

Carnegie Hall OnStage Hero

10 African American “Firsts” at Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall is one of the most prestigious venues in the world for classical and popular music. Did you know that it also has a history of inclusivity? Even before other prominent stages were open to African American performers and activists, Carnegie Hall was a stage that welcomed them. Here are ... Read More

Students can perform at nationally acclaimed Bowl Games like the Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl and Holiday Bowl

Sneak Peek: Bowl Games Halftime Show Themes

It’s nearly that time of year again – College Bowl Game season! The preparation for what will happen on the field isn’t just for athletes. Every year, WorldStrides OnStage invites high school marching bands to perform across the different bowl game halftime shows. The work has alr... Read More

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WorldStrides Teacher of the Year: Holly Grefe

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, WorldStrides will be showcasing our five 2019 Teacher of the Year recipients. These teachers have gone above and beyond, inside of the classroom and out. We are thrilled to honor them for their commitment to students and share their stories! Holly Grefe is a ... Read More

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