5 Halloween Traditions Around the World

Don’t look now…but it’s nearly Halloween! Celebrated in the U.S on October 31st, this popular holiday consists of costumes, chilling frights, and best of all, candy! With origins tracing back to the Celtic festival of Samhain, during which people who would wear costumes to ward off ghosts, Oct... Read More

8 Coffees from Around the World

The best part of any morning? A nice cup of coffee to start the day! While people all over the world wake up with this ritual, you’re likely to find a different cup of coffee in front of you depending on where you are. Americans tend to drink drip coffee with milk and sugar, but […] Read More

Fall Flavors of Food

5 Fall Flavors Around the World

We love pumpkin spice as much as the next latte drinker, but there are even more scrumptious fall flavors to enjoy as we officially head into autumn! Read on to learn more about autumn flavor favorites around the world. Fun fact: Did you know pumpkin spice-flavored treats don’t even have pumpkin i... Read More


Doughnuts of the World

A doughnut is a doughnut is a doughnut, right? Not quite! While most Americans envision a sugary piece of round fried dough, you’ll need another word to get something doughnut-like abroad! Berliner (Germany) This yeast-based pastry is fried and filled with jam, much like your typical jelly dou... Read More

8 Fun Facts About Mexico

When you think of Mexico, maybe you think of a tropical spring break vacation, but Mexico has so much more to offer than just fun in the sun! The country has a fascinating history, wonderful food, and a plethora of natural wonders. Here are eight fun facts you might not know about Mexico: Mexico has... Read More

The University of Colima’s Folkloric Ballet

Lesson Plans: Ballet Folklorico, Universidad de Colima, Mexico

The University of Colima’s Folkloric Ballet is a rich interpretation of Mexican expression, history, and tradition. The University’s Dance Company was founded in 1981 by artist and dancer/choreographer Rafael Zamarripa Castaneda, and has since performed around the world, on average 130+ shows a ... Read More

Los Días de los muertos

Los Días de los Muertos – A Time to Remember

Sra. Ronetta S. Bough High School Spanish Teacher, Indiana The Day of the Dead is one of the most fascinating holidays in Hispanic culture.  Los Días de los muertos, the Days of the Dead, are celebrated on November 1st and 2nd.  The pre-Hispanic holiday coincides with the religious holidays All ... Read More

Chichen Itza

Teach Through Educational Travel: Chichen Itza, Mexico

In the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, there is the site of an ancient Mayan civilization, called Chichen Itza. This city was built here around 750 AD, close to two cenotes (deep water-filled sinkholes), which were used for religious sacrifices . At the ruins of Chichen Itza, now a UNESCO World Heritage ... Read More

Zocalo, Plaza de la constitucion - Mexico City, Mexico

Reflections on Mexico City

Travel can be the wonderful antidote to misconceptions! Once upon a time, I expected Mexico City to be a big, ugly, poor, and potentially dangerous city. What I discovered was that, like any large city — Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, Boston, Portland, or San Francisco — it has some of those el... Read More