8 Fall Inspired Virtual Backgrounds

With the arrival of Fall, it’s time to set your virtual backgrounds to reflect the season! While you wait for your next trip, use these backgrounds in your online meetings or classes to feel like you’re in one of our trip destinations, such as Chicago, Munich, or Los Angeles! Just right clic... Read More

Blue Lagoon Iceland online meeting background

Stay-At-Home Summer: Science Activities for Families

Each week, the WorldStrides Education Team develops a collection of activities centered around the locations we love (and the subjects we’re smitten with!). Each collection of projects is created with the whole family in mind, and will get you moving, thinking, creating, and most importantl... Read More

Empire State Building New York skyline online meeting background

12 Virtual Backgrounds for When You’d Rather be Traveling

Right now, the world is pretty virtual. From meetings to classes to parties, many of our activities are taking place online. Ever wish you could just jet out of your next online meeting? While we can’t help with that, we can help you feel like you’ve left for your next trip with our coll... Read More

Dyrholaey Nature Reserve Puffins Iceland

How to Spot Puffins in Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful and fascinating country, and lots of people go to see its waterfalls, volcanoes, and generally gorgeous scenery. When I went to Iceland, of course I wanted to go see all of the most popular sites. But one of the main reasons I went was also to see puffins. That’s why I [&hel... Read More


12 Facts About Iceland

Iceland isn’t just one of the most popular travel destinations, it’s also a land of geological and environmental wonders. Whether exploring the historic and cultural centers of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, or traveling the famed Golden Circle, a visit to Iceland is truly an unforgettable expe... Read More

View of Reykjavik - Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland’s 13 Yule Lads

Every country has their unique holiday traditions. In Iceland, children get a visit from not one, but thirteen Yule Lads, mischievous little fellows who take turns visiting children on the thirteen nights leading up to Christmas. Each night beginning on December12, children place a shoe on the windo... Read More

Why WorldStrides

How To Say “Hello” In 18 Languages For World Hello Day

November 21 marks the 43rd annual World Hello Day! World Hello Day was created in response to conflicts between Egypt and Israel in the 1970s. The peace discussion at the end of the war was the first time that Arab and Israeli officials met for direct public discussion in 25 years. World Hello Day w... Read More

White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

12 of Our Favorite WorldStrides Programs Photos

All of our WorldStrides programs are designed to give those who travel with us the best educational and cultural experience around. Check out some of our favorite photos from recent WorldStrides programs. Don’t forget to share yours with us! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook, and use hashtags #... Read More

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