Make Your Vote Count: Understanding the Electoral College

If we have learned anything as the 2020 presidential election draws nearer, it’s that your vote matters. Throughout the country, we witness long lines of early voters braving the elements to make their voices heard. Other important races this year include some seats in the US Senate and the US Hou... Read More

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4 Essential Skills for Supporting Student Growth

This year has been tough, hasn’t it? We are all facing unique personal struggles and are also concerned about our students’ well-being and individual learning plans. We want what’s best for our students and may be wracked with guilt when we can... Read More

Take Care! Back-to-School Teacher Wellness

The start of a new school year brings a range of emotions. You’re excited, but maybe a little anxious, you’re energized, but careful to pace yourself, and you’re eager to start, even if you wouldn’t turn down another day of rest. In the middle of a pandemic and great uncertainty, these back-... Read More

Helping Healthcare Workers: A Student Service Project

During his Junior year, Logan, a saxophone section leader in his high school’s marching band, traveled to Orlando, FL with WorldStrides Performing Arts. He describes this trip as “a once in a lifetime experience. I had the opportunity to show some leadership, commitment, and responsibili... Read More

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A Virtual Trip Tip: Themed Days

One bright spot in this unusual school year was the front row seat the WorldStrides team had to incredible virtual teaching. Several of our amazing Program Leaders planned virtual trips when their students weren’t able to travel. Students at St. Peter’s had planned to go to Washington, D... Read More