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Discover Alaska
Explore America's Last Frontier - Alaska - with your students! Explore Anchorage, observe birds at Potter Marsh, visit Denali National Park to look for wildlife, and stop by the Iditarod Headquarters in Sewa...
Experience More - WorldStrides' International Tours
WorldStrides' international tours feature quality...with a purpose. Find a deeper experience, with authentic connections and cultural insights that make educational travel more.
WorldStrides Educator Resources: Assembling our Tile Files
Wondering how to decorate your classroom with ease? Find out how to create large posters for your classroom with our Tile Files, available in the WorldStrides Resource Library.
Classroom Hacks: Fish Eye Mirror
This classroom hack will help you keep an eye on your students, even when your back is turned!
Classroom Hacks: Dry Erase Markers
This classroom hack will help keep your dry erase markers from drying out.
Classroom Hacks: Keeping in Touch with Parents
Start the school year off right with these tips for keeping in touch with your students' parents.
Classroom Hacks: Name Sticks
You will use this classroom hack over and over again, and for many different reasons!
Classroom Hacks: Stickers on Desks
Here's how putting stickers on the corners of desks in your classroom can help you save a ton of time.
Smithsonian Tips for Visiting - This is an Animal's Home
These tips from the Smithsonian's National Zoo will show you how to respect an animal's home at the zoo.
Smithsonian Tips for Visiting - Don't Touch the Objects, But...
Hear from the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History about how bringing items from school or home to the museum can benefit and enhance your visit.
Smithsonian Tips for Visiting - Understanding A Zoo Habitat
These tips from the Smithsonian's National Zoo will help you understand more about animal's habitats at the zoo and why they are unique to each animal.
Smithsonian Tips for Visiting - Seeing More Than History
These tips from the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History will teach you how to look beyond just the display piece itself, and ask questions that will help you learn about all aspects ...
Smithsonian Tips for Visiting - Museum Etiquette
Learn basic museum etiquette from our friends at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, including how to better be aware of your surroundings and help prevent damaging pieces on display.
Global Business Education with WorldStrides ISA
See how our higher ed team at WorldStrides ISA partners with business schools to create customized international programs that bring business education to life.
What to Pack: Health and Safety Recommendations
What medicines or medical supplies should be bring on your travel experience? WorldStrides Medical Director Dr. Neal Sikka shares some advice.
Staying Safe from Flu and Other Viruses While Traveling
WorldStrides Medical Director Dr. Neal Sikka shares his advice for avoiding germs from flu and other viruses while traveling.
A Visit to Mount Vernon
A visit to Mt. Vernon with WorldStrides Course Leader Rohulamin Quander teaches much more than history. He shares the story of his ancestors, who lived there as slaves.
7 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica
Interesting facts about Costa Rica, and a look at what students explore while on a WorldStrides program.
7 Interesting Facts about New York City
Did you know the Statue of Liberty came in pieces? Learn more at
7 Interesting Facts about Paris
A few interesting facts you may not have known about Paris, the City of Light! For more fun facts about Paris and other amazing destinations for student travel, visit
7 Interesting Facts about Romania
Romania is a hidden gem, but we're not keeping its secret! Here are some things to know. We're taking off for Budapest just as soon as we can get our bags packed!
7 Interesting Facts About Rome
Learn more about Italy's capital city with these interesting facts. You can find more facts at
7 Interesting Facts about Venice
It's sinking a little each year! But in our view, that's just MORE reason to get to Venice as quickly as possible to see all that this city has to offer.
7 Interesting Facts About Washington D.C.
A look at some of what students on a WorldStrides program in Washington D.C. explore and learn.
7 Interesting Facts about Boston
Here are some interesting facts about Boston, and a look at what students can learn on our Boston programs.
7 Interesting Facts about Chicago
Interesting facts about Chicago, the Windy City! Take a look at some of the things students can see on our Chicago programs.
7 Interesting Facts about the Florida Keys
Interesting facts about the southernmost part of the United States, the beautiful Florida Keys. Learn more about our various Florida science programs on the WorldStrides blog.
7 Interesting Facts about San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars! Here are some interesting facts about San Francisco, and a look at some of what students can learn on our San Francisco program.
7 Interesting Facts about Williamsburg
Interesting facts about what is often called the world's largest living history museum - Colonial Williamsburg!
7 Interesting Facts about Iceland
Whether exploring the historic and cultural centers of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, or traveling the famed Golden Circle, a visit to Iceland is truly an unforgettable experience.
7 Interesting Facts about Alaska
With its abundance of wildlife, natural resources, and diverse landscapes, it’s no wonder why Alaska is known as America’s last great frontier! Want to know why it’s a place you should check out? Here ...
7 Interesting Facts about the Galapagos
See what makes the 18 islands of the Galapagos – and their wildlife – so unique!
7 Interesting Facts about Hawaii
A few interesting facts you may not know about Hawaii!
7 Interesting Facts about Peru
Peru is a colorful land of textiles, ancient ruins, and incredible culture. It’s also home to one of America’s favorite foods – and an interesting national dish!
On-Site Insights: Air Force Memorial
Mo Barrett, Air Force Veteran and WorldStrides Course Leader, shares some insider insight on the Air Force Memorial in Washington D.C!
On-Site Insights: Capitol Building
WorldStrides Course Leader Corky Rainey fills us in on the history of the Capitol Dome!
On-Site Insights: FDR Memorial
Brian Syfert, a WorldStrides Course Leader, discusses the fascinating engineering of the FDR Memorial!
On Site Insights: Indonesian Embassy
WorldStrides Course Leader Christian Mirasol explains to us why many embassies in Washington D.C are often found in mansions!
On-site Insights: Jefferson Memorial
Erica Rozek, WorldStrides Course Leader, fills us in on all the facts about the Jefferson Memorial!
On-Site Insights: Library of Congress
Cheri Hennessy, WorldStrides Course Leader, fills us in on Thomas Jefferson's library, and how it ended up at the Library of Congress!
On-Site Insights: Mount Vernon
Tracey Syfert, WorldStrides Course Leader, lets us in on some secrets about Mount Vernon!
On-Site Insights: National Cathedral
WorldStrides Course Leader Mary Beth Lane points out a detail you might not have noticed at the National Cathedral!
On-Site Insights: Washington Monument
Johanna Denowitz, a WorldStrides Course Leader, talks about what it was like to visit this treasure in the past!
On-Site Insights: White House
WorldStrides Course Leader Ron Page talks about how the White House was involved with the passing of the 19th Amendment!
On-Site Insights: Lincoln Memorial
Anita Ehler, WorldStrides Course Leader, highlights why the Lincoln Memorial is a beacon of Democracy.