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Featured Resource

Engineering the Golden Gate Poster
A colorful asset for any social studies or science classrooms alike! This poster, segmented into tiles for at-home printing, shares 12 interesting facts about the engineering behind the Golden Gate Bridge.
Animals of the Florida Everglades Poster
With fun facts about seven species surviving in the Florida Everglades, this colorful poster would be great for science teachers, or anyone who loves the Everglades and its animals.
Sustainable Agriculture in Costa Rica Poster
This educational and beautiful poster is about sustainable agriculture in Costa Rica. The diverse nation is world-renown for its commitment to sustainability.
Iceland Geothermal Tile Poster
Gee-OH! This colorful poster explains how Iceland uses geothermal energy to supply most of its electricity. Conveniently segmented into tiles for easy at-home color printing and assembly.
Fascinating facts you may not know about the Statue of Liberty
Think you know everything there is to know about the Statue of Liberty? Think again! Check out this quick sheet for some fascinating facts about Lady Liberty.
White House Realities
From crazy presidential pets to...dead people? Here are some interesting, hard-to-believe facts about the White House in Washington, D.C.
State Foods Poster
Discover foods claimed by each of America's 50 states. Warning: this beautiful map may make you drool! Available in a tiled version for easy assembly.
Become An Original Music Poster
Brighten your walls with a poster for the music lovers in your school. A great message that's perfect for music teachers...or fans!
WorldStrides Educator Resources: Assembling our Tile Files
Wondering how to decorate your classroom with ease? Find out how to create large posters for your classroom with our Tile Files, available in the WorldStrides Resource Library.
An All-Star Program Leader's Guide to Social Media
Tips and tricks for using social media to promote your program! From fundraising, to parent meetings, to live updates on the ground, we've got you covered on how to use social media effectively!
Publicity Tool Kit
Tips and tricks from a PR pro to get publicity for your group – whether your goal is to raise money, or highlight the exciting things you are doing (or did!) on your travel program.
Press Release Template - Fundraising for a K-12 Tour
This press release template will help you get the word out to local media about your efforts to fundraise for an upcoming tour with WorldStrides.
Press Release Template - Fundraising for a Performing Event
Use this press release template as a guide to reach out to local media to advertise fundraising efforts for your participation in an upcoming WorldStrides performance event, such as a Heritage Festival.
Press Release Template - Fundraising for Sports
For groups traveling with our Sports division, use this press release template to advertise your team's fundraising efforts around the Manchester United raffle.
Press Release Template - Announce Performance Invitation (Marching Band)
This public relations template will help you get the word out to local media about your marching band performance invitation.
Press Release Template for History Programs
Get the news out about your upcoming history program with our press release template.
Press Release Template for Science Programs
Looking to get some publicity for your upcoming science program? Use our press release template to get the word out!
Press Release Template - International Program
This press release template will help you announce to local media about your plans to lead an international tour.
Press Release Template - Sports Tour
Contact local media to share the exciting news about your sports team's upcoming tour by using this press release template. Download, customize, and send.
Elements of LEAP
Have you heard of LEAP? It's our trademarked learning approach, anchored in Experiential Learning Theory. LEAP leverages the best practices in teaching and learning.
5 Tough Topics
There is so much learning on our travel programs…and not all of it is about history, science, or mastering a new language.
Ways We Learn
The learning process is constantly evolving. We help transform how students learn on our travel programs.
Layers of Assurance
WorldStrides' commitment to safety and security is unparalleled. Learn more about the components of our risk management network, and recommended standards in the field of educational travel.