WorldStrides’ LEAP approach to learning sets us apart!

We believe that it’s not just about seeing amazing destinations, but instead allowing students and teachers to actively interact with the people, the culture, and the actual places these incredible trips have to offer. We call this interactive focus LEAP—Learning through Exploration and Active Participation.

The academic basis for LEAP is based on Howard Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligences, the philosophy of constructivism, and the synthesis of the transmission, transaction, and transformational approaches to learning.

LEAP is designed so your students:

  • Are engaged and active learners.
  • Are challenged to think critically.
  • Grow personally and intellectually.

LEAP is the entire relationship between each student, the places they encounter, and their Tour Director acting as a cultural mediator—not just a series of activities. Course Leaders and Tour Directors have developed their exceptional leadership and educational skills as a result of extensive LEAP training, which includes cultivating an understanding of how all students—and all people—learn.

Students learn best when they are engaged and challenged, and, in any group, a wide variety of learning styles and social skills will be represented, each deserving an opportunity to shine. LEAP was designed specifically to replace the old-fashioned lecturing style of traditional tour guides, with a dynamic, inclusive, and constructivist approach…and is just one of the many things that sets WorldStrides apart from any other travel provider.

Teachers talk about LEAP