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Your Adventure, Day by Day

Day 1 Departure from North America
  • Arrive in Chile Relax and enjoy our scheduled flight from North America. Our tour director will meet us at the airport.
Day 2 See Santiago
  • Travel to Santiago Our private coach will be waiting to transfer us to our hotel in Santiago. Santiago, the capital of Chile, is the fifth largest city in South America. Santiago is a city that seems destined for growth. The Mapuche destroyed it in 1541, only six months after Pedro de Valdivia founded it, but soon the Spanish were back and building it up again. Today, it is one of the most modern cities on the continent, home to nearly 5 million inhabitants.
  • Santiago City Tour Take a Santiago City tour, beginning in El Centro, the city's historic downtown and home to several museums, cathedrals, cultural centers, and civic institutions. Highlights of our tour will include the Plaza de Armas, La Moneda, the Ex-Congreso Nacional, the Palacio de los Tribunales, and the Bellavista neighborhood.
  • Hotel check-in For the next two evenings we will enjoy the convenience of our centrally-located Santiago hotel, where daily breakfast will be included.
  • Dinner Tonight we will enjoy dinner in a local restaurant.
Day 3 Travel to Viña del Mar and Valparaíso
  • Viña del Mar Viña del Mar, one of Chile's most fashionable beach resorts, was founded in 1874 as a weekend retreat and garden residence for the wealthy elite from Valparaíso and Santiago. It has remained a top beach destination for Santiaguinos ever since.
  • Valparaíso Valparaíso is one of Chile's most captivating cities and its most popular coastal destination with many unusual spaces as testament to this. The city is made of a flat downtown surrounded by steep hills, a jumble of multicolored clapboard homes, and weathered Victorian mansions that cling to sheer cliffs.
  • Head Back to Santiago We continue on our journey from Valparaíso back to Santiago de Chile.
  • First Concert Performance Your first concert performance will be today in Santiago.
  • Dinner Tonight we will enjoy dinner in a local restaurant.
Day 4 Puerto Montt
  • Travel to Puerto Montt Puerto Montt is the capital of the Los Lagos Region and was founded by German colonists in 1853. It is one of southern Chile's most important cities and features middle-European architecture with shingles, high-pitched roofs, and ornate balconies.
  • Outdoor Market Spend time exploring the extensive outdoor market that sells Chilean handicrafts.
  • Hotel Our accommodation for the next three nights will be in Puerto Montt.
Day 5 Explore Lago Todos los Santos
  • Take in Your Surroundings... The lake is surrounded by steep snow-capped mountains. You will be able to see the Osorno volcano in the west, the Puntiagudo to the north, and the Tronador to the east.
Day 6 Explore Frutillar
  • Puerto Varas Known as "La ciudad de las rosas" or “the city of roses”, Puerto Varas is famous for its German traditions. It features a scenic location close to the mountains, lakes, forests, and national parks.
  • Puerto Octay Located on the north shore of Lake Llanquihue, Puerto Octay has beautiful beaches for vacation, fishing ,and water sports. There are visit the beautiful beaches, falls, Rupanco Islet, La Baja, Puerto Maitén, and Fonck
  • Visit Volcanoes View Calbuco, Osorno, Puntiagudo, and Puyehue volcanoes.
  • Second Concert Performance Your second concert performance will be today.
Day 7 Performance in Santiago
  • Internal Flight to Santiago de Chile We will head back to Santiago, where we will stay this evening.
  • Third Concert Performance Your third and final concert performance will be in Santiago tonight.
  • Final Dinner We will enjoy a final dinner together in Santiago.
Day 8 Final Farewells...
  • Evening Departure from Santiago de Chile Our rewarding and enjoyable tour comes to an end as our tour director accompanies us to the airport on our final day.