Build excitement and community among your new cohort with pre-matriculation travel to kick off the full-time MBA or law school experience. Often, second-year students will serve as Program Leaders, working with WorldStrides to organize an exciting itinerary in destinations around the world and provide a non-traditional networking opportunity for incoming students.



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ICON - Fork and Knife

Travel with your taste buds.

We carefully select where our travelers dine, making sure it's authentic local cuisine, served in local restaurants.

ICON - Heart in Hand

In the heart of the action

Centrally located hotels in our international destinations free up extra hours for spontaneous exploration and fun.

ICON - Well Oiled Machine

A well-oiled machine

Our customers give us rave reviews for our top-notch trip planning. We handle every detail for you, with particular focus on safety and security.

ICON - Star Person

Rockstar tour guides

Our certified on-tour leaders speak the local language, have encyclopedic knowledge, and thrive on making the journey fun. They're also pros at tuning their content to the group.

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