Travel experiences that provide real-world context for law students ensures a competitive edge, no matter the practice area. From international law to mergers and acquisitions, the imperative is high to prepare young lawyers for a world of porous borders. Read more about just a few of the 100+ destinations where we can provide meaningful field study opportunities for students.



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Tailormade travels

From J-term to summer break, four days to four weeks - we're accustomed to custom! We fit every aspect of your travel itinerary to your specific curriculum, your school's regulations, and your budget. And of course, we design every program to complement the sensibilities of your travelers—from 8th grade to undergraduate and up to executive education.

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We have long-standing relationships with the best vendors, venues, and transportation providers, as well as access to global leaders and innovators in 100+ countries around the world.

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You name it, we've thought of it. In addition to program development and day-to-day logistics, we routinely shoulder the responsibilities of visa processing, registration, hedging currency, and so much more.

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With 50 years of experience, we've taken over 9 million students on educational programs - over 530,000 students traveled with us last year alone! We partner with more than 50,000 educators and 500 colleges and universities.

Global Experiences Team

The Global Experiences Team collaborates with companies, NGOs, schools, government, and other contacts to arrange interactive and immersive meetings that augment your curriculum while traveling. Our contacts in each community tell us the visits from students offer a unique opportunity to interface directly with talented future leaders. Our faculty leaders and students call these experiences the highlight of their travel programs. Meet just a few of our Global Curriculum Coordinators.


Craig Cuddleback
Craig Cuddeback brings decades of experience as an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial consultant to his role at WorldStrides. He left a VP role in a Times Mirror Company to start his first company, which he grew to four businesses. Since exiting, Craig consults for early stage companies from his home base in Atlanta, Georgia. He earned his BA from Ottawa University.
rebecca judisRebecca Judis is a veteran of the Global Academic Team who relies on her extensive professional experience consulting for government, SME, and Fortune 500 organizations from around the globe. Previously, Rebecca served as Vice President of the World Congress on Information Technology, where she was responsible for international business development. Rebecca has a BA in International Studies from Austin College and an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird.
Kelly BryantKelly Bryant leads many of the Global Academic Team’s strategies, and manages a team of Global Curriculum Coordinators. Prior to joining our team, Kelly worked in business-to-consumer brand marketing in a role where she focused on consumer promotions, emerging business trends, and corporate branding. She has extensive experience working and traveling with Executive MBA and MBA clients, most recently in Vietnam, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and Greece.
Rachel RuppertRachel Ruppert leads the development of academic engagement strategies and manages a team of Global Curriculum Coordinators. Prior to joining the WorldStrides Global Academic team, Rachel Ruppert worked for Hilton Hotels and Resorts, as well as the Boar’s Head Resort and Spa. In those positions, Rachel was in the sales and catering office, where she specialized in weddings, corporate meetings, and events for non-profits and PanHellenic organizations. Rachel completed her MBA with a concentration in International Business from the University of Florida.

An international look at law – one university’s comparative journey

The American legal curriculum traditionally prepares students for practicing law in the United States. Though it may be tempting for law school educators to focus entirely on the American system. But the practice of law is intricately bound to changing legal landscape of the world, and the Duquesne University School of Law has championed that comprehensive view for students.

Their 3-and-a-half week elective course in China at the end of May is a multi-city look at law issues in a comparative context. The most recent Summer Study program featured courses in energy and environmental law and international property law, with additional coursework in Chinese legal history and law. Visits to Chinese universities, law firms, and cultural sites provided students a uniquely comparative view in which to understand the U.S. system as it compares to one of the world’s most powerful and transitional nations.

“China is where everything is today. For us not to be in China is a disservice to our students,” explains Jacob Rooksby, Associate Dean/Professor

Guest lectures, cultural excursions, co-curricular academic engagements, and multi-city travel logistics demanded a careful partnership between Duquesne and WorldStrides. The collaboration identified the areas where WorldStrides’ services could best fit the needs of the unique program. Duquesne’s Associate Dean, Jacob Rooksby, credits this partnership with making their Summer Study of Law possible.

“Planning this is simply too heavy a lift for our faculty,” he explained. “This allows us to teach.”

Read the full story on the WorldStrides blog.

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