Our humanities programs take students high school students on curriculum-based academic study tours that truly designed to complement and deepen the richness of your courses and classroom learning. Art study trips can focus on the great art and architecture of a particular country or be intentionally curated as art trips for specific artistic periods or genres.  Customized literary tours transport your students through the lives and landscapes that inspired literature and theater, such as Austen, Shakespeare, Joyce and Yeats, and literary trips dedicated to the works of figures ranging from Dante to Dan Brown! Thematic history trips are carefully crafted chronological journeys through time for school groups, which explore in depth historic eras spanning Classical Civilizations, the Middle Ages, the Age of Discovery, and the Modern Era. At the same time, sacred sites of pilgrimage become the focal point of personalized religious tours and itineraries which trace the evolution of the world’s great religions but also can include meet with local congregations, communities and believers of all faiths.”



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