Ellis Island - New Jersey

A Parent Program Leader’s Perspective

Nicolai Kreger isn’t your average Program Leader. As a parent volunteer she is excited to take students to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and New York City, a learning experience usually reserved for teachers. Why do you believe that educational travel is so important? I believe th... Read More

London, England

Valentine’s Day Celebrations Around the World

Men & women across the US are swapping Hallmark cards, red roses, boxed chocolates and teddy bears today in celebration of Valentine’s Day. But how does the rest of the world celebrate this love-ly holiday? Here’s a look at a few countries around the world with their own interesting traditio... Read More

Accent Responds to the Challenge of H1N1

As the number of H1N1 virus cases within the U.S. and abroad has continued to rise over the past few months, Accent has closely monitored developments associated with the illness. One of the largest epidemics since SARS in 2003, Swine Flu has had a global reach, affecting populations and industries ... Read More

Charles Bridge - Prague, Czech Republic

H1N1 Global Health Alert

As the number of H1N1 virus cases within the U.S. and abroad rose in 2009, WorldStrides Capstone programs worked proactively to keep participants safe from exposure to the serious disease and to avoid potential travel complications because of heightened security at airports around the globe. This pr... Read More

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