United States Air Force Removal

United States Air Force Memorial

The United States Air Force Memorial honors the service and sacrifices of the men and women of the United States Air Force. The Memorial is located in Arlington, Virginia, overlooking the Pentagon and is adjacent to Arlington Cemetery. Interesting Facts: The three spires of the Memorial represent: T... Read More

Only 1% of Students Study Abroad

The world of higher education has made great strides in the last 20 years in recognizing the increasing importance of globalization, and in preparing students for a new and dynamic world. In 1990, just 60,000 students were studying abroad. Ten years ago, that number was approximately 143,590. Now, t... Read More

Top of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Say “Happy New Year” in 40 Languages

The New Year is upon us! Learn how to wish a “Happy New Year” to your friends around the world. Matador Network has translated the phrase into 40 different languages. Below are a few I thought would be most helpful to those of you teaching or learning a new language in class this year (plus [&he... Read More


Fun Facts: A Botanical Holiday Edition

Poinsettia, holly, mistletoe–there are a lot of plants associated with the holiday season! Here is a special botanical holiday edition of fun facts. Did you know: The poinsettia plant was originally cultivated by the Aztecs, who called the plantCuetlaxochitl or “flower which wilts.” They used ... Read More

White House Christmas Tree

Fun Facts: A Historical Holiday Edition

We thought we’d celebrate the upcoming holidays by sharing some things you may not know about the history of this season! Because it was considered a British custom, many people in early America spurned the idea of celebrating Christmas at all. In fact, Congress was in session on December 25, 1789... Read More

Butterfly Taste Buds

Butterfly Taste Buds

Have you ever wondered about butterfly taste buds? Butterflies don’t really have mouths, much less taste buds, to help them decide if food tastes good or bad. Instead, they use their feet! To eat, a butterfly unwinds a long, skinny part of its body called a proboscis, and sucks up liquids like nec... Read More


The Impact of Airline Capacity Cuts

To our valued Program Leaders, from Jake Mitchell, Vice President of Purchasing and Air Transportation: U.S.-based airlines have recently announced plans to further restrict capacity in the face of continued elevated fuel prices and economic uncertainty.  These moves follow previous capacity cuts m... Read More

Sail Fish

Faster Than a Speeding Sailfish

The cheetah is the fastest animal on earth, right? Well, it’s true that the quick cat is the fastest animal on land, but in the water, the sailfish takes the prize. Scientists estimate it can leap out of the water at 68 miles per hour, as fast as a cheetah can run! The secret to […] Read More

Chicago's Magnificient Mile

Willis Tower

Standing at 1,729 feet tall, including its antennae, the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) is now the tallest building in the western hemisphere. It is not only its sheer height that amazes us, but also its glimmering glass. The style of the building is described as a combination of t... Read More

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