Service-Learning Tours in Costa Rica

Elizabeth Guyer

Overcoming Fears in Costa Rica

Elizabeth Guyer is an Account Manager for our science programs. She recently traveled with 28 students from Colorado on their Waves and Waterfalls tour of Costa Rica where she witnessed one of the greatest benefits of travel – overcoming fears. Travel takes you out of your comfort zone. There ar... Read More

Oxford Punts CBL

Sarah Wyland

Punting In Oxford

*This post originally appeared on WorldStrides CBL’s Oxford and Cambridge Summer Academy. Written by one of our participants, it chronicles a typical day during one one of our programs. This morning started off great, I was shown a new place I can get decent coffee near college. Thank Goodness ... Read More

One World Trade Center, New York City, United States

Sarah Wyland

September 11 – One Story of An American Hero

On the 15th anniversary of the events of September 11, here is a story about an American hero who is still impacting the lives of many students (and teachers) each year. For Jason, a WorldStrides Program Leader from Michigan, a chance encounter at Arlington National Cemetery led to an incredible fr... Read More