Origins of Dogs Around the World

Think about how many different dog breeds there are. Now think about WHERE all these dogs originated. It seems like everyone is obsessed with learning about their ancestries these days, and we love dogs so much it got us thinking – where in the world do some of the most popular dog breeds come fro... Read More

Presidential Homes in Virginia

Though Washington, D.C. is the home of the president while in office, the history of presidential residency runs deep just south of D.C. in the state of Virginia. Did you know eight former Presidents owned homes in the Commonwealth? Furthermore, visitors are still able to tour and explore six of the... Read More

Orange Bowl Marching Band Program

A Storied Past: The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Are you looking forward to the Super Bowl Halftime show more than the actual game? You are not alone! Through ups and downs, the famous (and sometimes infamous) big show at the big game has become a cultural icon in its own right. While the halftime show is now known for its spectacle – from [&hel... Read More

Holiday Toy Throwback: Popular Gifts of the 90’s

We love history, of course, and a look at the toys of the 1990s reminds us that history isn’t always long ago. We are taking a trip down memory lane this holiday season and reminiscing on many of the most popular toys of the decade.   Beanie Babies – Need we say more? Perhaps the biggest c... Read More

Capitol Christmas

Interesting Christmas Traditions Around the World

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is a time of traditions of all kinds, and we compiled a list of some of the most unique ways people all around the world celebrate Christmas. Sweden – Gavle Goat Ever seen a 40-foot-tall goat? Since 1966, a 13-meter tall Yule Goat made... Read More

TaxSlayer Bowl Dance & Cheer Program Join WorldStrides OnStage programs in sunny Jacksonville, Florida to perform in the TaxSlayer Bowl Halftime Show and Downtown TaxSlayer Bowl Parade! Instead of choosing between attending a cheer camp or convention and performing on a big stage, why not get it all? The TaxSlayer Bowl offers your cheer team an opportunity unlike any other. The game itself averages more than 70,000 fans in attendance. Squads of all levels and size are invited; take advantage of world-class cheer education and grow your program with the performance experience of a lifetime! This event is open to performers aged 7-19.

Interesting Facts About College Bowl Games

College bowl game season is here, and WorldStrides OnStage will have 102 high school marching band and cheer groups performing in 7 different bowl game halftime shows this year – that’s 5,200 students! Bowl games have been part of American tradition for almost a century now, and we are lucky eno... Read More

West Coast Science and Technology. Solar Observation.

Explore WorldStrides’ STEM Programs

Through WorldStrides’ STEM programs, students can take advantage of our relationships around the country and globe to get unique insights into the worlds of science, technology, math and engineering. Here are a few noteworthy experiences students can have while on our STEM programs. Iceland He... Read More


Santas Around the World

Most Americans tend to think of Santa Claus as a large, jolly old man with a beard in a red suit. However, this “Jolly Old Saint Nick” is only one version of the man who delivers toys and goodies to kids for Christmas. Ever wonder what Santa Claus is called in different countries around the [&he... Read More

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