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Jessica Baynton

The Non-Soccer Fans Guide to the World Cup

World Cup fever is kicking in! The world’s biggest tournament begins Thursday in Russia, and whether you are watching for what’s happening on the pitch or the sidelines, there is a lot to love. If you’re still learning the rules of the game and want to sound like you know what you’re talking... Read More

Arsenal Soccer Stadium, Highbury, North London

Kenneth Bayton

5 Haunted Soccer Stadiums in England

A number of soccer venues carry a spooky aura around their history. In England especially, some of the most well-known stadiums have a haunted past. From experiencing supernatural phenomena to encountering ghosts around a venue, here are 5 haunted soccer stadiums in England. Highbury Stadium – Ars... Read More

FC Edmonton Excel Soccer

Kenneth Bayton

Performance Technology in Sports

The sports industry has smartened up to the idea of incorporating new and emerging forms of technology into the framework of the industry. Adding new innovations to maximize player performance has spring boarded the sports industry forward into the modern age for players and teams, a trend we’... Read More

Excel Sports Soccer

Kenneth Bayton

Spring Break With WorldStrides Excel Programs

Spring Break – a week long break for students and players of all ages to unwind and enjoy the burgeoning spring season. For WorldStrides Excel Programs, Spring Break means one of the most rewarding times of the year. This year, we sent 20 Olympic development soccer programs to Scotland, England, S... Read More

Azteca Soccer Stadium, Mexico City, Mexico

Kenneth Bayton

WorldStrides Excel Programs To The Tropics

What better way to play your favorite sports than by taking an international tour to the tropics? Not very much. We are pleased to announce WorldStrides Excel Programs‘ new sports tours to beautifully warm destinations. Whether your team wants to play winter baseball in the Dominican Republic,... Read More

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