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5 Accessible Ways to Incorporate Pop Culture in Your Classroom

While we’ve been spending more time at home, maybe we’ve found ourselves with opportunities to indulge in our favorite aspects of pop culture, or maybe we’re getting caught up on a guilty-pleasure show or podcast. Pop culture is all around us, especially with social media’s prevalence in our... Read More

Having difficult conversations with a student

Tips on having Difficult Conversations with Students

We are experiencing an unprecedented time of anxiety, uncertainty, and unrest in our country. Educators should take advantage of opportunities to engage difficult conversations with students about the challenging topics that are facing students right now. They are going through a lot and we need to ... Read More

Teacher does virtual icebreaker while distance learning

Virtual Icebreakers for Distance Learning

Creating a positive classroom culture is more important now than ever before, as many schools are starting the year virtually. This year, virtual icebreakers are beneficial for both teachers and students in fostering community, helping everyone get to know each other, and exposing students to new pe... Read More

Take Care! Back-to-School Teacher Wellness

The start of a new school year brings a range of emotions. You’re excited, but maybe a little anxious, you’re energized, but careful to pace yourself, and you’re eager to start, even if you wouldn’t turn down another day of rest. In the middle of a pandemic and great uncertainty, these back-... Read More

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A Virtual Trip Tip: Themed Days

One bright spot in this unusual school year was the front row seat the WorldStrides team had to incredible virtual teaching. Several of our amazing Program Leaders planned virtual trips when their students weren’t able to travel. Students at St. Peter’s had planned to go to Washington, D... Read More

Juneteenth Emancipation Day Celebration, June 19, 1900, Texas.

Juneteenth: A Day of Independence

Though all Americans are familiar with the Fourth of July, that’s not the only holiday celebrating freedom in the U.S! On June 19, 1865, Union troops arrived in Galveston Bay, Texas, which was still under confederate control. The army issued an executive decree freeing more than 250,000 enslav... Read More

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Learning at Home: Worksheets and Activities on Curiosity

Each week, the WorldStrides Education team prepares new lessons and activities around a broad, central theme that aims to give teachers, students, and parents new tools and resources that can be useful in the classroom (the new online classroom, that is) and at home. This week, our focus is on curio... Read More

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