Introducing Robin Reliford

At WorldStrides, the safety and security of our student participants is paramount – which is why we’re proud to introduce Robin Reliford, our Vice President of Health and Safety. A veteran of the field, Robin leads health, safety and crisis management, which means monitoring world events, implem... Read More

Capitol - Washington, DC

A Surprise Experience During a Government Shutdown

The current government shutdown has been dominating our news headlines for the past few weeks. At WorldStrides, our extensive experience prepares us well for this scenario, as we have handled previous partial and full closures before. Our dynamic Course Leaders seize this learning opportunity for st... Read More


Announcing WorldStrides 2018 Lesson Plan Contest Winners!

The WorldStrides 2018 Lesson Plan Contest has come to an end, and we are thrilled to share the spoils with you! Our Curriculum and Academics Team evaluated each submitted lesson plan for instructional integrity and chose winning lesson plans that were so robust that they looked ready to be taught to... Read More

West Coast Science and Technology. Solar Observation.

Explore WorldStrides’ STEM Programs

Through WorldStrides’ STEM programs, students can take advantage of our relationships around the country and globe to get unique insights into the worlds of science, technology, math and engineering. Here are a few noteworthy experiences students can have while on our STEM programs. Iceland He... Read More


Hey Teachers! Win $1,500 in our Lesson Plan Contest!

As an educator myself, I am a firm believer that teachers should share. Share stories, share tips and, yes, share lesson plans! If you are here on the WorldStrides website, I have to believe you are a teacher who believes in experiential learning and travel. If so, welcome to a like-minded community... Read More

Rollerblader in Paris

Behind The WorldStrides Photo & Video Contest

After the votes were tallied, there were two clear cut winners in the 2018 Photo & Video Contest. We asked Roller Skates photographer Mia Hutchinson and The Beauty of Italy videographer, Emily Davis to tell us about the moment when they pointed their cameras and began shooting their award-winnin... Read More

Find Your Adventure in Educational Travel with WorldStrides

Our Most Successful Fundraising Tool – The Gift of Education

Have you heard about the Gift of Education? Our most successful fundraising tool, the Gift of Education, helps thousands of students each year raise funds for their trips. Last year, students raised over $2 million dollars! 100% of all money raised goes directly toward offsetting their trip price.... Read More

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