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Carols, Crooners, & Cheer: A History of Christmas Tunes

By the end of November, it begins. You start to hear the tinkling of bells and the swell of choral voices that marks the start of the holiday music season. While many of the more familiar classical carols were produced during the 19th century, the period from the Great Depression to the post-war 195... Read More

Virtual Choir Performance by Grand Cities Children's Choir

A Well-Deserved Virtual Encore

On March 1, 2020, when WorldStrides welcomed talented choirs from across the country for their grand debut at Carnegie Hall in New York City, we didn’t yet know the impact that COVID-19 would have on the performing arts and that for many of the groups it would be their last live performance. One o... Read More

Carnegie Hall Exterior

The Importance of Learning to Listen

In February 2020, High school Junior Gracie traveled to New York to perform at Carnegie Hall with Honors Performance Series. As part of her program coursework, she tells us about the importance of truly listening. I live in a place where it’s pretty cold for most of the year, so spring has finally... Read More

Carnegie hall stage

Carnegie Hall: Through the Eyes of a Student Performer

Ninth-grader and euphonium player Jack tells us about his performance at Carnegie as part of his WorldStrides Performing Arts program. When I first arrived at Carnegie Hall, I was amazed by how large, and immaculate the theater was. There were layers upon layers of seating levels, all facing towards... Read More

Carnegie Hall OnStage Hero

10 African American “Firsts” at Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall is one of the most prestigious venues in the world for classical and popular music. Did you know that it also has a history of inclusivity? Even before other prominent stages were open to African American performers and activists, Carnegie Hall was a stage that welcomed them. Here are ... Read More

Students can perform at nationally acclaimed Bowl Games like the Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl and Holiday Bowl

Sneak Peek: Bowl Games Halftime Show Themes

It’s nearly that time of year again – College Bowl Game season! The preparation for what will happen on the field isn’t just for athletes. Every year, WorldStrides OnStage invites high school marching bands to perform across the different bowl game halftime shows. The work has alr... Read More

Orange Bowl Marching Band Program

A Storied Past: The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Are you looking forward to the Super Bowl Halftime show more than the actual game? You are not alone! Through ups and downs, the famous (and sometimes infamous) big show at the big game has become a cultural icon in its own right. While the halftime show is now known for its spectacle – from [&hel... Read More

Musical Journey Through France

4 Reasons Performers Should Travel to France

France has long been considered a cultural destination. At WorldStrides, we give performance groups the opportunity of a lifetime in the cities and countryside of France. Students are able to perform in spectacular cathedrals and venues, and take in the historic sights. First, stop in Normandy, wher... Read More

TaxSlayer Bowl Dance & Cheer Program Join WorldStrides OnStage programs in sunny Jacksonville, Florida to perform in the TaxSlayer Bowl Halftime Show and Downtown TaxSlayer Bowl Parade! Instead of choosing between attending a cheer camp or convention and performing on a big stage, why not get it all? The TaxSlayer Bowl offers your cheer team an opportunity unlike any other. The game itself averages more than 70,000 fans in attendance. Squads of all levels and size are invited; take advantage of world-class cheer education and grow your program with the performance experience of a lifetime! This event is open to performers aged 7-19.

Interesting Facts About College Bowl Games

College bowl game season is here, and WorldStrides OnStage will have 102 high school marching band and cheer groups performing in 7 different bowl game halftime shows this year – that’s 5,200 students! Bowl games have been part of American tradition for almost a century now, and we are lucky eno... Read More

McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Marching Band Program

Interesting Facts About the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade

WorldStrides high school marching bands from across the country will once again participate in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago this year. This iconic Chicago holiday event has a rich history and continues to be quite the production. Here are some interesting facts about the parade: The parade... Read More

Valero Alamo Bowl Marching Band Program

Our 2018-19 Bowl Game Predictions

It’s almost bowl game time again! WorldStrides OnStage will have 102 band, dance, and cheer groups performing at the games and parade events this year – that’s 5,200 students! Although we are mostly excited for the halftime entertainment, we also have some MAJOR college football fans a... Read More

Italy Concert Performance

4 Reasons Performers Should Travel to Italy

There’s much more to Italy that just decadent carbs and cheese. From the Madrigals of the Renaissance, to Neapolitan song, to Bel Canto opera, Italy has always been a major musical center with artists innovating musical styles. On WorldStrides OnStage’s Musical Italy tour, students have the oppo... Read More

A cappella group visiting with students in Kenya

A Cappella Group Makes Musical Friends in Kenya

The seed for the idea of a trip to Kenya was planted more than 7 years ago for the 2018 University of Rochester YellowJackets, before any of the a cappella group’s current members were even in college. The 2011 YellowJackets had traveled there as part of a cultural exchange to collaborate on music... Read More

Students can perform at nationally acclaimed Bowl Games like the Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl and Holiday Bowl

Our 2017 Bowl Game Predictions

It’s almost that time of year again – Bowl Game time, that is! While our favorite part of bowl games are the parades and halftime shows (of course!), we also love the game and we’re waiting anxiously along with our performers to know who will be playing where this year. Here are our 2017 bowl ... Read More

Palais Garnier, Opera Paris

5 Haunted Performance Venues Around the Globe

We’re in the spirit of the Halloween season at WorldStrides, and have already shared haunted performance venues in North America. Now, we’re going global! Here are five haunted performance venues from around the world that famously boast a specter or two. Huguang Guild Hall – Beijing ... Read More

Individual Student Performing travel opportunies for teacher-led groups

Programming Inspiration For Your Music Classroom

Welcome to a new school year! We know many music teachers and directors will have a repertoire already set, but if you are in need of programming inspiration or want a reference list for highlighting major musical events occurring throughout the 2017-2018 school year, here are some ideas: Celebrate ... Read More

Worldstrides Performing Arts Tours

Technology Resources for Bands, Choirs, and Orchestras

Incorporating technology into the music ensemble classroom has become essential. We have gathered a few of our favorite apps and websites for band, choir, and orchestra directors to put to use in their classrooms this school year. Apps There is a slew of music-based apps to help with skills and fulf... Read More

Carnegie Hall OnStage Hero

WorldStrides and Little Kids Rock Partnership at Carnegie Hall

“Every student is a musician,” says David Wish, CEO and founder of Little Kids Rock, “we, as educators need to draw it out of our students rather than drumming it in.” Founded by a former elementary school teacher frustrated with the lack of funding for music education, Little Kids Rock was ... Read More

Atlanta Heritage Festival

WorldStrides Participates In NCAA Final Four

WorldStrides had a significant hand in presenting the National Anthem at the Men’s and Women’s Final Four over the weekend. Sky’s the Limit Productions, a division of WorldStrides OnStage, provided production assistance for the National Anthem ahead of the games. Our participation didn’t end... Read More

Orange Bowl Dance & Cheer Program

Introducing Our 2017-2018 Choreographers!

If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait for the summer to watch Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance. The show brings contemporary dance to the homes and hearts of many. We tune in episode after episode to be inspired by the choreography and to be moved by the expression of dance. The choreogra... Read More

Carnegie Hall, New York

Why I Love the Honors Performance Series

By Hayley Safley *This article originally appeared on The Odyssey.  On February 4, 2016, I embarked on an incredible music adventure with the High School Honors Performance Series. To make a total cliché, it absolutely was a bucket list, life-changing experience. Wonder why? I met incredi... Read More

Dance Orange Bowl

Our 2016-17 Bowl Game Predictions

As the regular college football season draws to a close, WorldStrides OnStage programs is gearing up for bowl game season! We’re just as excited as our performers to find out who will be playing in bowl games across the country. While we wait for the big announcements, here are our bowl game predi... Read More

Performing tour of Western Canada British Columbia Alberta

How To Combat Stage Fright

You’re preparing for your festival, but your students – maybe even you! – are starting to feel the effects of stage fright! Simply put, stage fright is performance anxiety. Those with performance anxiety will often focus on the worst case scenarios, worry about failure, and engage in social co... Read More

San Francisco

50 Years: Kelsey Costello – Shaped by a teacher

WorldStrides is celebrating 50 years as the leader in student travel by sharing the stories that have shaped our company’s past and will propel us into the future. Throughout the year, we will highlight stories from our history, many of the people who have made us what we are today, and some of th... Read More

Presidential Inauguration, Washingon DC

Meet Our 2017 Inauguration Heritage Festival Adjudicators

The Inauguration Heritage Festival only happens every four years. On January 20, 2017, students have the opportunity to be in the nation’s capital for this historic event, then perform at an adjudicated festival! At our 2017 Inauguration Heritage festival, students will perform before a panel of n... Read More

AHSTF 2016

AHSTF 2016: Reviews and Bravery

One of our last groups took their show to the Royal Mile today. The cast of Little Shop of Horrors braved rain and cold winds to perform several numbers for their show, drawing quite the crowd in the process. When the rain started to fall before their time slot, they got creative and used ... Read More

AHSTF 2016 Royal Mile Performances

AHSTF 2016: More Royal Mile Performances!

It has been a day full of American High School Theatre Festival performances in Edinburgh! Many of our groups had their first performances today in our venues, while others performed on the Royal Mile. Students have also been taking in other performances from Festival Fringe and raving about some of... Read More

Edinburgh Scotland Festival Fringe

AHSTF 2016: Royal Mile Performances

One of the best parts of American High School Theatre Festival is watching “it” come together – the hours of rehearsals, memorizing lines, learning music, planning lighting, the list goes on. Schools spend months raising funds for their AHSTF trip, in between rehearsing, studying, other extrac... Read More

Edinburgh Scotland

AHSTF 2016: Rehearsals and Scottish Dancing

Scottish weather… We’ve had it all today. We awoke to bright blue skies, only to have the clouds roll in. After a quick shower, the sun was back for a brief visit, only to replaced clouds and another short shower. The rain and clouds didn’t dampen spirits at American High School Theatre F... Read More

Edinburgh, Scotland Greyfiar's Kirkyard

AHSTF 2016: Walking Tours, Tech Rehearsals, and Ceilidhs

After a good night’s sleep, our first full day of the American High School Theatre Festival in Edinburgh has been one of tech rehearsals, sightseeing, and the first of three Ceilidhs. Today, a few groups took part in a walking tour of Edinburgh, led by our Blue Badge Guides. We met outside the Nat... Read More

Arthur's Seat Edinburgh, Scotland

AHSTF 2016: Greetings from Edinburgh!

Greetings from Edinburgh! American High School Theatre Festival 2016 is officially underway! This year’s groups have spent the last few days sightseeing around London, participating in a workshop at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and attending West End shows like Wicked and Kinky Boots. This ... Read More

OnStage - Drummer band student

7 Tips For Building A Successful Music or Band Program

Summer is a time for teachers to relax – and to reflect on the previous year. How successful was your year? We know music directors are always looking for ways to encourage their programs to thrive. With that in mind, we asked accomplished WorldStrides OnStage music directors with experiences rang... Read More

Darth Vader

Should Darth Vader Have Been A Conductor?

We are thrilled to provide students the opportunity to work with some of the highest caliber music professionals. But there’s one guy we’ve not had the pleasure of working with… One name missing from our adjudicator list? Darth Vader. Hear us out. Darth Vader may have been a conduc... Read More

Individual Student Performing Opportunities

5 Tips for Keeping Your Musical Ensemble Engaged

Does this scene look familiar? If your musical ensemble started out like this at the beginning of the school year, hopefully you’ve found a way to encourage the Barneys of your group to be more in-tune. If your ensemble is still at the “Barney stage” (so to speak), rest assured, you’re not a... Read More

International Collegiate Theatre Festival. Edinburgh international student travel and performance opportunities. Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Want to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe?

At WorldStrides, when we think of a stage, we think of all the players—the cast, crew, writers, directors and audience—coming together to create an unforgettable moment in time. That’s what our theatre performing opportunities are designed to create—a lasting memory. We offer two unique opp... Read More

Conductor Making Music

Top 10 signs of a conductor

At this season’s conferences, you’ll be surrounded by other music educators. In day-to-day life, however, it can be tough to spot your fellow directors. Here’s a list of key indicators that you’re in the presence of another conductor. Serious hair game   Talks with his or her hands. &nb... Read More

Performing Arts

A few of a music director’s favorite things (in winter)

Winter concert season is upon us! During the back-to-back performances that make up a director’s holiday season, we hope you’re able to take a breath and remember some of your favorite things about being a music teacher. Here is a list of a few of a music director’s favorite things: Raindr... Read More

Faith-based concert tours

5 tips for a successful holiday concert

So you’ve got a holiday concert on the horizon. You’re not alone! This time of year, cities and town across the country are treated to the voices and instruments guided by dedicated music directors just like you. As you put the final touches on your preparations, don’t forget about these simpl... Read More

Dancing girl at bowl game event

Our Bowl Game Projections: Where Will Your Team Play?

The crystal ball is out! Who will play in a bowl game? Who will stay home? It’s the thing that is on all college football fans’ minds—will your team play in a bowl game? The sports junkies are starting to predict which teams will earn bowl game invitations this season, and we’re chiming ... Read More

Orchestra Programs

Watch: How Not To Rehearse an Orchestra

As conductors, we like things to go our way. (I’m attempting to avoid calling us, however affectionately, “control freaks.”) Especially in a high-stakes situation, it can be difficult for us to remember that, in rehearsal and performances, we only have control over what we’re doing on the po... Read More

Ford's Theater

5 Haunted Performance Venues Across North America

Happy Halloween from WorldStrides Onstage! Hopefully, you don’t have any ghouls in your ensembles this fall; however, spooks can be found at any time of year in haunted performance venues. Ryman Auditorium – Nashville, TN Touted as one of the most famous haunted sites in the United States, Ryman... Read More

Orchestra Programs

Enjoy The People With Whom You Are Making Music

Welcome to a new school year! As you find yourselves embroiled in preparations for yet another year of performances (in addition to all of the other stressors in your work and personal lives), it’s easy to lose sight of what it is you’re actually trying to accomplish in the classroom. I lost sig... Read More

Sky's The Limit

Sky’s The Limit Participates In NCAA Final Four

We can’t say that our brackets did well this year, or any year for that matter, but we did have reason to celebrate during this year’s NCAA Final Four thanks to Sky’s The Limit. If you aren’t already aware, at most of our bowl game events, some of our participants get to roll out a […... Read More

WorldStrides' Choreographers

Meet the WorldStrides Choreographers

Fun city? Check. Screaming fans? Check. Top-notch choreographers with resumes you want for yourself one day? Check plus. Meet the WorldStrides choreographers. The choreographers we work with make all the difference to our dance and cheer programs and it’s easy to see why. Whether you are a small... Read More


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