Favorite Candies Around the World

With Halloween soon upon us, we’re busy stocking up on the sweet, sour, chocolatey, and gummy candies that Trick-or-Treaters roam the streets to collect. But what does candy around the world look like? What is the favorite candy from country to country? We decided to find out. Next step, taste-testing! Yum!


Bertie Beetles Candy Bar in Australia

Bertie Beetle is one of the top selling candies in Australia. It was created as a way to use leftover coconut and honeycomb from other chocolate bar production, and the bar is shaped like Bertie Beetle himself.


South American Treat Dulce de Leche

Dulce de leche is a sweet treat made with raw milk and panela (unprocessed sugar). Popular around many parts of South America, this sticky stuff varies in flavor and texture depending on where you try it. You can eat it straight or put it on many other treats like waffles, ice cream, or crepes!


Ramune Soda Candy from Japan

This soda-like candy, known as Ramune, comes in two forms: a pop-like candy tablet or a soda packaged with a ball you push in to open the drink. It has been around for many years in local corner stores.


Ulker Candy Brand is Popular in Turkey

Ülker, which is owned by the same company as Godiva, claims to be the number one chocolate in Turkey. There’s a lot of weight behind their claim, since their products make up half of the chocolate and biscuit sales throughout the country.


Brazilian brigadeiros

The most popular treat in Brazil is brigadeiros, a candy that is closely tied to birthday celebrations. Created in 1945, it’s made of condensed milk, sugar, butter, and chocolate powder.


Twix Candy Bar by Mars

What is America’s last frontier’s favorite candy? Alaska goes all in for Twix! Nearly 5,000 pounds of Twix are sold in Alaska each year for trick-or-treating on Halloween.


Chocolate bars for explorers of Antarctica

Unsurprisingly, candy bars are the top choice in Antarctica—but perhaps the reasons why are a little surprising. Often provided as rations to expeditioners who are leaving base to perform field work, candy bars provide tons of calories, which is needed when working in extreme conditions. Plus, most food freezes by the time you’ve had a chance to eat it in Antarctica, making chocolate (which melts quickly in your mouth) an easy meal in subzero temperatures.


Tagadas by Haribo

In France, a gummy candy, Les Fraises Tagada (by Haribo) takes the top rank. Designed by the French division of Haribo just for French taste buds, this little dome candy is so popular that it often shows up as an ingredient in baking recipes.

South Africa

Cadbury Lunch Bar

The Cadbury Lunch Bar is a very popular candy in South Africa, with hundreds of thousands of bars sold each day. The bar consists of crisped rice, wafer, peanuts, caramel, and of course, chocolate!


Canillitas de Leche from Guatemala

Many Guatemalan candies feature milk and cinnamon, and the Canillitas de Leche certainly follows the trend. Named because its shape is like a candle, this white-colored candy, made of condensed milk, sugar, and cinnamon, is super soft and melts in your mouth.

Have you found a favorite candy on your travels? If so, please share with us in the comments section!

Article written by Stephanie Kerr

Stephanie Kerr
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