A Virtual Trip Tip: Themed Days

One bright spot in this unusual school year was the front row seat the WorldStrides team had to incredible virtual teaching. Several of our amazing Program Leaders planned virtual trips when their students weren’t able to travel.

Students at St. Peter’s had planned to go to Washington, D.C., and their teacher wanted to give them a taste of the great experiences that come with educational travel. In fact, our tour team even got involved in their week-long virtual adventures!

There were many different parts to creating this special experience, but one unique aspect of this particular trip was dress-up themed days.  For each day of the “trip”, the students were given a specific theme: St. Peter Saints Day, (the school mascot), Hero Day, Patriotic Day, Branch of the Armed Forces Day, and Historical Figures/Be the Monument Day. Students dressed up and submitted their images to win candy prizes. This hands-on virtual experience helped keep students invested in the week, and it produced amazing results we had to share! Take a look at their incredible dress-up creations.

Saints Day

Saints Day Winner Jared

Boy wearing red saints attire in room of house

Hero Day

Hero Day Winner Faith

Patriotic Day

Patriotic Day Winners Emily & Megan

Branch of the Armed Forces Day

Branch of the Armed Forces Day Winner Mary

Historical Figures/Monuments Day

Historical Figure/Monument Winner Jacob

The class theme for the year was “joy”, and it can clearly be seen in the enthusiasm and creativity of these students! It was certainly a joy for our team to work on this experience – and we can’t wait for these students and others to experience the joy of an in-person visit in the future.