Worksheets for Learning at Home

The WorldStrides Education Team is proud to introduce our new Learn at Home series, a weekly collection of worksheets, ideas, and activities for our teachers, students, and parents who are spending much more time at home and much less time at….well, just about everywhere else.    

Since we currently can’t physically experience our educational travel, we want to give your mind some exercise equipment. That’s not to say don’t keep on with your own mental strolling – just consider our offerings to be a bit of a map. How you use these tools and with who is totally up to you, and we’ve prepared them with educators, parents, and students all in mind. 

Each week tune in for a new collection of learning initiatives you can take part in from the comfort of your home!  

First up: Time!    

The way we spend our time today might be dramatically different than the way we spent it only weeks and months ago. A shift of this nature, and of this magnitude, presents challenges and opportunities, along with plenty of reasons to gripe and complain. Our new sense of time is shaping our beliefs in how it’s spent, who it’s spent with, what it’s spent on, and what it means for the communities, families, and billions of individuals around the world.    

Now is a good time to think about time itself, so let’s get to it.  

Social Studies Worksheets and Activities 

Best for: High School 
⏳: 1-2 hours 
Where does time come from and how do I see it?  
How you might experience time compared to, say, anyone else on the planet, could be pretty similar or totally different? Ideal for social studies and history students, explore how time shapes us, how we shape time and the ways we bring our own perspective to the concept of time.  

Science Worksheets and Activities

Best for: Middle School  
⏳: 30 Min 
Materials Required 
What does science tell us about time?  
Consider the existence of time, through a telescope and microscope. Whether we can see it or not, everything has a date stamp. Or does it? Bring your sense of exploration along for a look at time’s own existence, including a sundial activity that shows you how it moves and grooves.  

Art Worksheets and Activities

Best for: Middle School/High School 
⏳: 30 minutes 
Materials Required  
Expressing time with art 
Time has limits, and what happens between its start and a finish is a window into seasons, people, cycles, and cultures. Check out British artist Andy Goldsworthy and his work on the idea of impermanence here, then get creative yourself with the items and locations available within your house.   
Want more guidance? Click here for our worksheet.

International Studies Worksheets and Activities 

Best for: Middle School/High School 
⏳: 30-90 minutes  
Time savers  
Across the world, maintaining cultural sites for future generations is an exercise in a special form of time management – preservation. Using UNESCO World Heritage Sites as your guide, learn more about what it takes to address the passage of time and think about where you would like to visit most.  

Phys Ed Worksheets and Activities

 Best for: K-12 
⏳: 30-90 minutes 
Make time for movement  
In a period of isolation and social distancing, staying physically active has never been more important or impactful on your entire being. Using Tabata, build an exercise curriculum at home to keep you and your quaranteam fit.  Get the full resources for this activity here.   

Bonus Activity: Better Late Than Never?  

Best for: Middle School/High School 
⏳: 30 minutes 
Not usually. Learn how to shake the “I’ll do it laters” with this Ted Talk on Procrastination and these time management tips and strategies. Once you’ve done that, brainstorm some ways you can get back on track if you start procrastinating, and think of deadlines you can set to add some structure to your days!  Find the whole worksheet here.

Our theme for next week will be Connection. Be sure to come back to check out more timely resources and activities to share with your students! And, if you want to give our Education team some feedback or ideas for future topics, reach out to us at