An Ode to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

For many students on our Washington D.C trips, visiting Arlington National Cemetery, and witnessing a wreath-laying ceremony, can be a moving moment. One Program Leader wanted to ensure that her students understood the importance of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and what it symbolized.

Prior to her trip, Program Leader Kayce Jones gave a class assignment to determine which student would get the honor of laying the wreath during their trip. She shared with us the winning assignment from student Autumn Jackson, who wrote this moving poem on what this memorial means to her.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers
By: Autumn Jackson
To all the unknown soldiers who paid the greatest price
The guarded tomb is a remembrance of your precious sacrifice
In honor of you we lay by your side
A magnificent wreath to show our pride
Those who guard the tomb every waking hour
Possess strong dedication and valor
They march and salute to pay tribute
To the ones who died to keep freedom absolute
I do not know the strength it took
Or the fears that you had to overlook
Nor do I know the tears that were shed
From the heavy burdens that were hanging overhead
Though I may not know your name
The memory of your service will always remain
But thank you I say unto thee
For fighting for my country and me

Thank you to Autumn for writing this lovely piece and her teacher Kayce for passing it along to us. Our team is always proud to be a part of these learning moments!

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