Learning at Home: Worksheets and Activities on Connection

Each week, the WorldStrides Education team prepares new lessons and activities around a broad, central theme that aims to give teachers, students, and parents new tools and resources that can be useful in the classroom (the new online classroom, that is) and at home. This week, our focus is on connection. 

What does it mean to connect these days?

Before Covid-19 – before social distancing and all it entails – it felt a lot easier to connect with each other, though maybe we took it all for granted. Now, it’s not so easy to keep your distance the way we have to.

During this time, think about the ways you can connect with your friends and family and the world at large. Consider what connection means to you and the others in your circle, and what role you play. The idea of connection goes back a long time – now may be the perfect time to think about the past, present, and future of connection.

Social Studies Worksheets and Activities

Best for: High School 
⏳: 1 hour 

How do we stay connected? 
Now more than ever we need to stay connected as we are unable to be together in person. Consider the ways we connect with people and the dramatic changes in communication since the invention of electricity. Explore the evolution of sharing information from the days of mailing letters back and forth to the world we live in now of constant contact.

International Studies Worksheets and Activities

Best for: Middle School/High School 
⏳: 30-90 minutes  

The global reach of letters, pictures, and language
The International Center of Photography is inviting people from around the world to share their stories through photography. Pen pals are a classic way to “meet” new people around the world. Why did English become the International Language?

Science Worksheets and Activities

Best for: Middle School  
⏳: 30-60 minutes 

Become a Citizen Scientist  
Amateur observers have always played an important role in helping scientists collect observations and data. Today, with the help of your smartphone – or simply using your own five senses – you too can record your observations and become a citizen scientist.  

Phys Ed Activities

Best for: K-12 
⏳: 30-90 minutes 

Making Connections Through Movement
There is an invisible connection between our emotions and our physical bodies. We can learn a lot about ourselves and others when we pay attention to these movements and what they tell us. If you look carefully, you can communicate without any words by just watching the micro and macro movements of the body. These movements are often referred to as facial expressions, body language, or non-verbal communication.  

Ask yourself

  • What are some ways that you non-verbally communicate with others using only body language or facial expressions? 
  • How can you tell what your energy levels are like by noticing what your body is doing? 
  • How could becoming more aware of what your body language is saying help you throughout your day? 
  • How could it help you in your relationships and interactions with others? 
  • Does our body language always accurately share what emotions we are feeling?

Social and Emotional Learning Activities

Best for: Middle School/High School 
⏳: 30 minutes 

Making and Keeping Connections 
Eight years ago, Sherry Turkle gave a TED Talk titled “Connected, but alone?” about how influential our devices have become in keeping us connected. Watch the video and think about how her ideas still apply in today’s world! 

Ask yourself

  • What are your initial reactions to Sherry Turkle’s TED talk? Do you agree with her arguments about how technology is affecting us?
  • How have your habits surrounding device usage changed since the pandemic outbreak? For example, are you texting more or spending more time on social media? If your mobile device gives you a weekly screen time report, what trends do you notice from the past couple of months? 
  • How are you staying connected right now?
  • How would you stay connected if your preferred method was no longer an option? 

Music Activity

Best for: Middle School/High School 
⏳: 30 minutes

Music Connects People
When you hear a song that you love, do you text your friend to listen to it? Are you attracted to certain songs because of the lyrics, the voice, the instruments, or the beat of the music? How does looking at just the lyrics compare to hearing the song or listening to the music video?

Listen to a few of your favorite songs and reflect on why the song resonates with you. Look up the lyrics to see how the song might tell a story. Watch the music video, does it tell the same story as listening to the song?

Ask yourself and your friends and family

  • Why did you pick these songs?
  • What do you like about them?
  • What is the relationship between the lyrics, the songs, and the music videos?
  • What kinds of memories do they spark?

Our theme for next week will be Growth. Be sure to come back to check out more timely resources and activities to share with your students! And, if you want to give our Education team some feedback or ideas for future topics, reach out to us at discovery@worldstrides.com