8 Tips for Promoting Your Fundraiser

Many groups that travel with WorldStrides hold fundraisers to offset trip costs and allow more students to experience the benefits and excitement of educational travel. To make sure your fundraiser is successful, it’s important your school and local community know about it.

So, you’ve chosen your fundraiser, the date and time is selected, now what? It’s time to start promoting! Our Program Leaders and Directors shared their most successful tips for promoting fundraisers:

  1. Post signs, flyers and posters around school and in your community. Check with local restaurants, businesses, libraries and universities to see if they allow public postings on community boards.
  2. Use social media! Make a digital version of your flyer to share or make an event on Facebook to track interest and share with friends and family.
  3. Reach out to local newspapers, television and radio stations with a brief overview of your fundraiser. Ask them to include it in their community announcements section. For more great tips on seeking media publicity, check out our Publicity Toolkit with tips from our PR pros.
  4. Include information about your fundraiser on your school’s website, newsletter or newspaper.
  5. Visit other classes to share your fundraiser with teachers and students.
  6. Set up a table activation to present your fundraiser information or sell items to raise money. These tables can be at school sporting events, in the cafeteria during lunch hours or outside performing arts events.
  7. Send a letter home with students or email parents directly to let them know about upcoming fundraisers and request their support.
  8. Communicate fundraising updates through MyTrip page or on your group’s Facebook or Twitter pages.

Have you discovered your own secrets to promoting fundraisers? Let us know your great ideas at ourstories@worldstrides.org.  For more ideas on fundraisers, visit WorldStrides Fundraising page to learn more about ideas, the Gift of Education, and more!