How to Print our Full-Size Decor for your Classroom

We know teachers want classroom wall decor that’s colorful, fun, and full of inspiration for your students! We also know that teachers need free classroom resources that are easy-to-print to make it happen.

So how can you decorate your classroom on a budget and without spending hours wrestling with files? Are you that teacher spending his or her own money printing full-size color posters at the neighborhood print shop? Don’t! Instead, print our beautiful free posters, free calendars, and more via easy-to-assemble files we call “tiles”! Download the print-ready tile file from our Resource Library, and follow our simple instructions to glue each piece together. The result: a large, colorful classroom resource that looks just like a full-size poster for your classroom.

We have custom-made options for science teachers, social studies teachers, English teachers, and language teachers, and they are all designed to share great information about the world.

Get the step-by-step print instructions below.

Required Tools:

Standard color printer, white printer paper, scissors, glue/glue stick

  1. Go to the WorldStrides Resource Library and select the “Educator Resources” tab.
  2. Download the file of your choice.
  3. Print out the file. It is already divided into tiles and is optimized to print on to standard 8.5″x 11″ paper.
  4. Follow the instructions included in the download to easily cut and paste the sheets carefully together.
  5. Trim the outside border.

And you’re finished! Your free classroom decor is ready to hang in your classroom and teach students all about the world!

Interested in something fully assembled? Order one of our special maps today!

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2019 At-A-Glance Tile Calendar: History
2019 At-A-Glance Tile Calendar: History
This history themed calendar will let you take a look at the entire year in a glance!
2019 At-A-Glance Tile Calendar: Science
2019 At-A-Glance Tile Calendar: Science
This science themed calendar will let you take a look at the entire year in a glance!